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The Microcosm Reflects the Macrocosm 

Simmons College 

300 The Fenway 

Boston, MA 02115 

Volume 83 ^jw ^&m^ ^^e 


icrocosm is defined in Webster's 
Dictionary as "the little world." 
However, we at Simmons 
College, as microcosms within society, can 
expand upon the term. Four years at 
Simmons allow us to grow and become who 
we are as individuals. We are all unique and 
| our friends, training, studying, and experi- 
[ ences have shaped us to be who we are 
today. We all have a different place in this 
world, whether it be in the workplace or in 
the home, and it is our life-long challenge to 
find where we fit into the larger picture of 

We are similar to puzzle pieces because 
we all have different appearances and 
personalities, but it is this individualism that 
completes the puzzle. Our talents can be put 
to use for the benefit of others, and we can 
in turn learn from their experiences, 
ssentially, the microcosm reflects the 

We all have something to contribute to 
ociety from our own "little world." We 
ust open our doors and experience the 
nknown. Dare to go beyond the limits 
In a world undergoing change, we must 
e a walk through an unopened door and 
rasp everything within reach. Then we 
ust apply our own talents, knowledge, and 
kills to situations and give back to society. 
e future depends on us. 




"It is my will to found and endow an institution to be called Simmons Female 

for the purpose of teaching those branches of art, science, and industry best calculated 


enable the scholars to acquire an 

independent livelihood." 

Simmons has remained an environment for women to make an impact on a world 

often dominated by men in the past. We are taught to have confidence, control, and 

desire to compete and pursue our dreams and goals. 

We thank the administration, faculty, 

staff, and students for their support, 

encouragement, and enthusiasm, without 

which this book would not be possible. 

Special thanks to Student Activities, Al in 

the Copy Center, the Registrar's Office, 

the Mailroom staff, and Tom Keeley 

(Jostens Rep). 

Joanne Markow 

Jennifer Fewkes 
Business Manager 

Melissa Chinchillo 
Copy Editor 

Nicole Lisi 

Paula Ribeiro 
City & Stud. Life 

Jennifer Winch 

Allison Cobb 
Ass't Editor 

Ann Dao Kolbe 
Photo Editor 

Elka Tovah Menkes 
Copy Editor 

Maryam Keramaty 

Michelle St. Pierre 

Pamela Yee 


MICROCOSM '92 is dedicated to all the individuals in this world 
whose unselfish behavior has brought about a change in society. We challenge 
every woman who leaves Simmons College to use her knowledge and skills to 
influence, guide and educate others yearning for opportunities to make a 
difference. YOU are like a puzzle piece. You have developed your unique 
identity, now use it and make your contribution to society, the Macrocosm. 

Current Events 

City Life 








Student Life 




r v^H 





Assisting: Karen Boss (clipping Simmons News articles), Tina Giardina (Sports), 
Amy Rowe, Zoe Neves and Venessa VanAalst (Photography) 




The world is a macrocosm . With every minute 
by minute development comes a challenge and it is our 
duty as the future of this earth, to make a difference. 
Change does not have to be measured, for even the 
slightest effort is a worthy one. 

In the past years, we have seen technological 
developments of computers, machines, and aeronauti- 
cal equipment, a concern for the environment, the 
unification of Germany, hostages released, and a new 
Soviet commonwealth in the make. 

At times we seem surrounded by chaos and 
we wonder what our status will be as countries continue 
to dispute borders, diseases go uncured, humans die of 
hunger and AIDS, and the environment remains in 
danger. However, we cannot cdnsider these challenges 
as negative signs nor as obstacles. 

By acknowledging the problems and bringing 
them down to the level we as individuals and groups of 
individuals can deal with, we will be successful in 
making an impact on the world. The world has come 
a long way and must continue to do so through our, 


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A %& fon> 

clumgb . . . 

A cJluum fon, 
ludu/lduaA Hr utafa 
a diffmuw . . . 

'■: \, 

Desert Storm Commander General H. Norman 
Schwarzkopf gave a thumbs up to the crowd as 
he made his way up Broadway during New 
York's Operation Welcome Home ticker tape 
parade in June 1991. 

President F.W. de Klerk, African National Congress President Nelson 
Mandela and Zulu Inkatha leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi met in 




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Biosphere 2, a sealed structure of steel and glass will be "home" for two years to four men and four women, 3,800 species of plants and animals 
and five ecosystems. Planets other than Earth (Biosphere 1) may one day be the base for similar structures. 

Life has not been the same for law 
professor Anita Hill since going public 
with allegations that Supreme Court 
Justice Clarence Thomas sexually 
harassed her nearly a decade ago. 
However, by coming forward, Hill said, 
"All that's happened has made the 
general public much more aware of 
sexual harassment than ever before." 

Russian President Boris Yeltsin waved the 
white-blue-and-red Russian tricolor flag 
from the Russian Federation building 
before a crowd of about 100,000 jubilant 
supporters celebrating the end of the three- 
day coup attempt. 


Communism is crushed! 

On October 18, 1991, Clarence Thomas became the 
106th United States Supreme Court Justice. 

The deceased Dr. Seuss (below left) and Michael Landon (below right) will forever be 
remembered for their devotion to children. Seuss was the author of many children's 
books and Landon acted in and directed several television programs. 


Crowds of perplexed people wandered among the many Soviet tanks parked behind the Red Square during the military coup hours. 




Boston is a city rich in heritage and diversity. 
Throughout history, Boston has proven to be a stepping 
stone for the climb toward independence. Faneuil Hall, 
the Freedom trail, museums, and statues remind us of the 
efforts our forefathers made for the benefit of society. As 
microcosms, they made their mark on the world. 

Boston is also a world within itself, with the Red 
Sox, Kenmore Square, the Museum of Fine Arts, and 
night clubs just down the road. When we walk down the 
streets of Boston or take the "T" we open the doors to an 
exciting environment packed with restaurants, theaters, 
fraternities, music, sports, and places to shop! 

Besides having fun, many of us have worked or 
interned in Boston. There's so much we can grasp ~ our 
learning does not stop at Simmons. We spend time in 
companies and catch a glimpse of what our life may be 
like after college. We contribute our skills, and in turn, 
leam more from the opportunity. 

Boston is our world. As individuals, we must 
absorb all we can from it and apply the knowledge to our 
own lives. 





': '• . ..:'' ' : 

: --'■-*.;>«>* 

Above, the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. 

Some attractions around 
Boston are Beacon Hill 
(above), where the homes 
are beautiful and 
expensive, and the Hard 
Rock Cafe. 



The "T", the bus, and the 
touring trolley are just some 
ways to get around the city. 
You can always rely on the 
public transportation here in 
Boston . . . 


• LUC UMt 






"Northbound Side only 
MBTA 199) 

C'*'«Mt'Tf « HA. i 

TO r«<«tM., UN i 






"There's so much 
out there; there's so 
many opportunities. 
There's so much 
action in Boston." 
Dawn Gagne, a senior 
at Simmons, interns at the Greater 
Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau. 
She works in the Public Relations 
Department as an Assistant to the 
Public Relations Director and 
Coordinator. This Bureau plans major 
city-wide functions, such as a press trip 
scheduled for the press from all over the 
country, as well as the United Kingdom 
and Canada. 

Rather than interning only during her 
second semester as most students chose 
to do, Dawn works 8 hours a week and 
also takes classes. She plans to continue 
interning during the second semester. 

Interestingly, Dawn got this job 
almost by accident. The Four Seasons 
was one of the places that she applied 
to, but because her application was a bit 
late, they did not have a position for 
her. However, her resume was noted, 
and they regretted not being able to 
take another intern. One afternoon, the 
manager at Four Seasons was having 
lunch with the Public Relations Director 
and Coordinator of the Greater Boston 
Convention and Visitors Bureau. She 
mentioned Dawn as an excellent 
candidate for an intern position, and the 
next day, Dawn received a call from the 
Bureau; they were looking to set up an 
interview. Dawn enjoys working much 
more than school, mostly because one 
can get into the inner workings of a 
company and begin to apply what was 
learned in classes. 

Boston, a world in itself, has 
a variety of attractions for all 
to enjoy. Some of the more 
noted are the Museum of 
Fine Arts and the Children 's 
Museum, which are shown 

The John 
Hancock and 
buildings can 
be seen from 
almost every 
point in 



Freshmen Lured With $500 K • New Student Activities Director Briddell Happy to be at Simmons • 

The Simmons News 

Faculty Groups Ask Holmes to Resign 

by Jill Harmacinski 
Editorial Staff 

When William J. Holmes first 
arrived in Boston in 1970 to assume the 
position as President at Simmons he was 
only 43 years old, an age that was consid- 
ered young for a college president. 

Holmes didn't agree. 

"I see nothing magic about my 
age. I do feel that I'm just the right age for 
being a college president," said Holmes 
in an article in the Simmons Janus in 

Nowafter21 years at Simmons, 
a majority of the faculty at Simmons 
think Holmes is at a perfect age for retire- 

Again, Homes didn't agree. 

Last spring President William 
J. Homes was asked to resign as a result 
of a faculty vote, according to a memo to 
the Faculty Council and the Council of 
Chairs dated April 30, 1990. 

"We tried to convey some of the 
major arguments advanced by the faculty 
for his retirement, including the need for 
fresh vision and leadership, the problem- 
atic symbolism of a male president in an 
institution which is reaffirming its mis- 
sion to educate women for leadership, 
and the good will that will continue if 
President Holmes takes this step in the 
greater interest of the college," reads the 
memo which was authorized by faculty 
members Pam Bromberg, convener of 
the Council of Chairs, and Bob Goldman, 
president of Faculty Council, who met 
with President Holmes to discuss his 
possible resignation. 

"The planning process has 
brought us to the verge of difficult deci- 
sions; we would like the next president to 
be invested in those decisions and held 
accountable for them," the memo states. 

"In keeping with instructions from Fac- 
ulty Council and the Council of Chairs, we 
tried to be gentle and non-personal in our 
statements and to reassure him that we do 
not blame our current enrollment crisis on 

Recently Bromberg said an "is- 
sue of leadership at the college" forced the 
two groups to make the request and then 

forward it to members of the corporation. 
At a meeting on May 8 with some of the 
Corporation members, the two faculty 
groups presented their findings of the fac- 
ulty survey on President Holmes' future at 

"The college is at a critical stage 
when big decisions need to be made," 
Bromberg said last week. Bromberg and 
Goldman both agree that it is definitely 
time for a new president. According to the 
two professors many Alumnae would be 
much happier supporting a female presi- 

"It sends a mixed message, n 
Goldman said. "To have a male president 
seems a little inconsistent" with Simmons' 
goal and vision. Bromberg also said that 

many students share that same opinion. 

"Getting a new leader won't solve 
all of the College's problems, but we think 
it is an important start [for] new ideas, new 
direction," Goldman said. 

"We need ideas at all levels. The 
wisdom in higher education is that college 
presidents usually run out of ideas in ten 
years," Bromberg said. Homes, again, has 
been here for 21. 

However President Holmes did 
not concur with the faculty's 69 to 23 vote 
in favor of his retirement. At the time of 
this meeting with Bromberg and Goldman 
last spring Homes identified 4 main points 
in his defense. 

According to the memo Homes 
said that he was planning to retire in the 
near future and was surprised that he had 
not heard of those plans via the "Simmons 
grapevine." Holmes also "believes the 
next few years will be very difficult for the 
college" and he does not want to hand the 
leadership over to someone new at this 
time. Holmes also "expressed concern 
about maintaining an alliance between the 
undergraduate program in a crisis. Lastly, 
according to the memo, Holmes said that 
the Corporation supports him in his en- 

"The Chair of the Council of 
Chairs and the Chair of the Faculty Coun- 
cil met with me last spring about my 
resignation., .early retirement. ..whatever," 
President Holmes said recendy. "At the 
time I said to them I had a couple of 
missions that I really wanted to get done," 
said Holmes mentioning the funding for 
the Sports Center and the challenge of 
trying to get the college through the worst 
of the population decline. He also stated 
that he has no present plans to announce 
his retirement or resignation. 


Thomas Nomination Examined at Simmons • U.S. News Rates Simmons as a Top Regional College 

Post-Coup Soviets Building a New Domestic Order • Nine Faculty Members to be Eliminated by Year's Ern 

Diversity and Retention 
Among SGA Goals for the 
1991-92 Year 


By Lauren Obermueller 
Contributing Writer 

The Student Government Associa- 
tion (SGA) at Simmons has planned a series of 
improvements to be made over the next few 
years, each revolving around the set goals of 
diversity and retention. 

These goals were chosen during a 
brainstorm session at the SGA officers' annual 
retreat on October 6. According to SGA presi- 
dent Caitlin Carroll, each potential accom- 
plishment brought up at the session seemed to 
fall naturally into one of those categories. 

Under the diversity goal, SGA hopes 
to improve the college by forming a multi- 
cultural course that each Simmons student 
would be required to take before graduating. 

A committee will be in charge of 
researching the possible content and schedul- 
ing of the multi-cultural course. Nazli Gurer, 
SGA vice-president, said that rather than the 
mandatory four semester language requirement, 
students might be more interested in learning 
about different cultures. 

"The core curriculum here is too 
narrow," Gurer said. "It doesn't let you take the 
classes you want" 

SGA is also looking to develop a 
faculty group that will support a collective 
group on campus. The group will consist of 
Simmons community members that are not 
considered "mainstream," such as commuters, 
Carroll said. 

Monthly cultural programs may also 
be experienced on the Simmons campus this 
year. Carroll describes these as programs that 
will "advance awareness and acceptance of 

Their first major retention plan is to 
renovate the gym in the Main Campus Building 
into a student activities center. Gurer said that 
a floor plan for the renovation may include 
office space for student organizations as well 
as a student union area. 

'It's not going to occur this year, but 
we'd like to set it in motion," Carroll said. "We 
think this will add to the student life at 

SGA plans to raise the money for the 
project through grants or fundraisers that 

Simmons students can participate in. 

Two women's conferences are also 
in the works under the retention plan. The 
first potential conference will be held for one 
day, just for Simmons students. It will ad- 
dress the different issues connected with 
women's education and what it means to 
graduate a Simmons women, Carroll said. 

The second conference will be for 
colleges from around the country, hosted by 
Simmons, and will also discuss the benefits 
of women's education from a myriad of view- 

"There's a lot to be said for 
Simmons, as far as being an attractive and 
forward-setting college," Carroll said, and 
she plans for this message to get across to 
other schools at the conference. 

Coed colleges that were once 
women's colleges will also be invited to the 
conference, Carroll said. Together, the stu- 
dents of each college will address the neces- 
sity of women's colleges in order to provide 
themselves with more confidence when they 
argue for women's education. 

The SGA retreat was held on 
Thompson's Island in Boston Harbor. The 
purpose was to allow the officers, any of 
whom are new to SGA and come from a 
variety of different backgrounds, to enhance 
their working relationships through a bond- 
ing experience. 

"The retreat gave [the SGA offic- 
ers] a better sense of how we can work 
together," Carroll said. It really solidified us 
as a group and a§ a team." 

SGA officers arrived in the morn- 
ing to participate in activities that developed 
both trust and a strong working relationship 
between the students. It was organized solely 
by SGA mmbers. 

'The whole SGA, as a team, had to 
accomplish each task that was given to us," 
said Erica Borowski, sophomore class presi- 
dent. "We had to group together, make a 
plan, think of how we'd accomplish it and 
then actually try to do it. It was good, 
because we all had to work together." 

The Simmons News Staff 1991-92 


Tamara Russell 

News Editor: 

Jill Harmacinsju 

Features Editor: 

Heather Reese 

Entertainment Editor: 
Kristin Heineman 

Sports Editor: 


Copy Editor: 

Bernadette K. O'Leary 

•Copy Editing Assistants: 
Elka Tovah Menkes 

•ifnoTOCRAPHY Editor: 
Amy B, Wolk 

Art Directors: 

Andrea J. Parent 
Sharon Steinberg 

Assistant to the Editors: 
Jill Cohen 

Business Manager; 
Jennifer Winch 

^Advertising Managers: 


Heather Ruth 


Pam Gitten 
Amy Wolpert 


James Corcoran 

Simmons College 
300 The Fenway, Room W-006 
Boston, MA 02215 
617-738-31^ Fax 617-738-2099 


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munity Reacts to Holmes' 
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•Reaccreditation Report 
Urges Improvement in 
Three Areas ♦ Peace in 
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Langer Looks into World 
Of the Holocaust • Faculty 
Form Association to 
Discuss Strategy • Con- 
tributors Thanked for 
Donations to Computer 

I APB-Spbrisored AIDS 
Benefit Kept Students 

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Students Say More Profs Should Have Been Tenured • Widespread Cuts, Tuition Hike Part of '92-'93 Bud 

3 Granted Tenure, 4 to Leave 

Jfjp !§&■ MmmeeimM 
BMiGrid Steffi 

Three junior facolty members at 

Simmon* Iwwe ttscentty been offered 
tenure. And while all three professors 
.admitted flat they woe pleased and 
flattered by this pt-sideotiat decision, tiaty 
have mixed emotions since four of their 
colleagues were act offered the- same 

.Professor of Comn< '& J im 

Corcoran feels like he is a mrvivm on th< 
sinking Titauic. 

"It's a great feeling Id receive tenure,* Is 
said, "It's teat to know that people 

recognize foa for what you late dan®." 8 

S«l s in another sense, Corcoran says he 

wonders, *Why .me, not someone else?" 

"I have tour c* > U skik s who arc very 

Beattie, Tenure has been something that 
this professor of political science has long 
worried about. While the decision made 

under the impression that only one or tm, 
junior faculty members would be chosen. 
According to Holmes, three were chosen 


a happy, he also has mixed fo 
7} ,_"/? "situation. His 




m ***»*£?*** 

'<«st„? c ">**/ 


A/ ^Mpc3 cT'^'s and 

o ni01 * C/ e 
S °0 

^»ir of 



lo prove a point. 

"We were not instituting a tenure 
freeze," Holmes said. Therefore, three 
were chosen. 
A number of letters from parents, 
•£i *. "" rtf l alumnae were received, 

f)'+ a *) f^Oof ~ Hach and every 

^S/c M// Qrdfi aisedoneof the 

licit 7"ht evaluations ftom e< 

*^ ,/ * asses were also 




fu^ZS^**.- ^4 


. Sy &ve*: a y notice 



°6s e 



a <«£;, 


*l*y Vans £°*'h,, 


*ie process,, he said. 
& some kind of threshold, 




"V """°e/In 




ve fl- 

eVe ^o ne 


^s^pHR-'- ■■■■.■■ ■<:$#■■ 

re no 






hZ V ">is Dr, ' C Only h.-V 


■ ■,." also refcixaig to 
ii.aJi.fied ;:;;■■■■■ lessors 

"1 am&emetBsii fee Mwsalf 


*'th rn "" cl >loe7' K ' , of 

^/^o b Z Co ^n ts 

,|,,e ««* 

ie to 

f 0/to 

Tam»ra^ SSeU 



^ 1 

oV^ 1 



save 1 



-«S^ W ^ 


> ^ ajvA 

wau:: *r2s?^> 


AoVn6 D ta^ ! 


5 ^tf, 

fe ^. 





^ ex ^>^^ 

^5 Salary Increase Carries >™ <^«^S 

*3?*-C5«S5^ C S 

^ $2.5 Million Price Tag 



eflf 6tV .A*is» ooS 


.urp 05 


l0 ais 

iJ>' Jil/ Itarmaciniki 
Editorial Staff 



wtfd-ed^,;; t»tesv 

oovi v 

V&* icceiving a 5% salary increase next year 
C( -Vy has been discussed among directors or 




^c o ^ e 

s ^de 






c ^. 6 unfe 


k ade 

offices, dcparuneni chairpersons and 
President Holmes 

"I don'i ihink that anyone here ihinks 
thai it is healthy to go over an extended 
period of lime without a salary increase.'' 
Holmes said in a meeting on Tuesday. 
Holmes said that in order for ihc 5% 
increase to occur the College would have 
lo come up with $2.5 million. 

"If we can find as much as lhat it would 
allow us to do the salary increase," 
Holmes said. 

By deferring expenses, reducing 
activities and services, closing positions 
and possibly increasing tuition, Holmes 
hopes that the neessary S2.S million can 
be found. 

"A five percent tuition increase has not 
been decided,* he said. He also menu'oned 
lhat if there was a tuition increase, it 
would be a cautious one, as they don't 
want lo drive any students away. 

"Our hope and expcctau'on is that we 
will find the cuts some way or another. . . 
some mixture of increased income and 
reduced expenses," Holmes laid. Holmes 


did add lhat it was quite likely lhat if 

salary incicasc occurs, ihc College win ~\\\- "CCq u — > OW „ ' c flari * °'" « IW, . 
have to have fewer faculty and suuT " . !,• . "SB !»,„ "On u, ^fljau °U]d 

"■embers. » C U f '^SOfl *° U 9l»g? ^°U/rf„ °* lhat 

Holmes also said lhat Uicrc may be no ~ differ. ^U/lo ■"Sglr,*!. ^Crtm, *fft 
money out there to be cut for • salary Up ^. "filKii, 't?S./l "lent ^Otu 

incrcak ** ^Hlto, ^^^H^ ^"fc JteJ^ « Ch. h 

•lis conceivable that the money may noi ■ ^" Slnrf *^0 a (>,_. cv Cr ft,, • "ft 

not be out Ihcre." Holmes laid. ""Cetf . . ""«!{ Qn . ^lOty^ ^"Cerf ., 

■My undcrsunding lof the salary I *"(/(Vvv, ^?Cr» ft« t, *>tfa 

increase) was that il was a consiuciaiion.' ^^ ^^^^Jll/ia ^6r»/, ^Tflftw 

saidrkritaBcumRccd.crauTcrsonof ^^ttto / Stllri ^fc/lrl. AjV 

the management depanmenl "tyfero. *"» A ^ ^tS ILr °*° /fic.j 

■(Holmes) is trying to KCOmmodale .. ^^taiV/i C °fljl»., ' '^J'fiw ■ ^t 
pay increase but lhat increase Is contir ""C /)oj. "*■ "Ob^ y. '"tCf Cr, '' IS 

upon olhcr faciors." BettcrsRccd sail" b 7^ Of £^ 'Ce] s , ^flOll/r^ 

•I think Ihcre is a good chance it « ... ^ Oein D . *-0/7 ei> *0 fig / « 

happen, - said Laurie Crumpacka. "lis y °J0S( a . * e - ^Sfcrf L 

chairperson of women's studicN. /J_^ ^^^4j/fc ^Vnl ^" O 

"But il is not without its price.' . °'"6(/ |i '•ai'e | w . ^d in 

added. "A •iriuon increase indc * IVac . ^ l Do n~ ^1 in ^tl'v!,- 

various sons would provide lie ^ «CQb,_. ""e u,„ .year- '"e. 

needed." she said '^no , ""^tifrj- , H/ °W</ ei/ WtfS r 

Chiarperson of ihe English ifjfe,;^ ' * «IJJ a ' . ■ ' H/.,. K Cr 






David Gutlute, said thai he 
Holmes "seriously and horv 
like to give the faculty a v 
the money would come fru> 
question in Guile lie's mind. 

"We hope the mctiey will be there," he 
said. Q 




\Sfev, Vu >grr^. gu >*ti t 




erfo «'///, 

'O 1 


Simmons Picks Up Tab on Lost Scholarship Money -Comprehensive Recycling Program To Begin Soon Two 
Retention Activities in Full Force at Simmons • Simmons Seniors Welcome Their Moms • Nev^ato 


Evans Hall Residents are Still Waiting for Heat • Coming Out Not Easy for Simmons' Gay Community 

nd of '93 

Two weeks will be allotted for 
j j )rofessors who wish to appeal the tenure 
ision, Holmes said. However, if their 
ippeals are not successful, the professors 
nust leave Simmons by the end of the 
1992-93 academic year. 
Concern over the integrity of the tenure 
;ystem has arisen. Sources that do not 
vish to be quoted have said an academic 
lean told at least one tenure candidate that 
here could have been one more person 
enured. Also, one candidate was reportedly 
;iven extra time after the due date to 
| wcpare his or her dossier, Q 



Call "Crf f n , '' * H-a:. 

1 %s:$i»- 


""erf „ *" ob „ '"terf ^ L ««! 

J ft... ^"itta-.^for 

& V' ¥ 

Just the fact$...1991 to 1992 

Simmons College 

Undergraduate students: 


Graduate students 1 ,402 

Tuition: $13,632 

Room & Board $6,000 

Health Fee $ 302 

Activity Fee $140 

Popular Movies: 

Beauty and the Beast 


Medicine Man 

Hand that Rocks the Cradle 

Shining Through 

Fried Green Tomatoes 


Robin Hood 


Grand Canyon 

Final Analysis 

Father of the Bride 

Prince of Tides 

Wayne's World 

Addams Family i 

Other costs: 

postage stamp $.29 

movie ticket $6.75 

can of soda $.65 

MBTA token $.85 

wash/dry a load of laundry $ 1 .50 

daily Boston Globe $.35 

Ruby's sub $2.60 

ITwo Men Arrested for Shoplifting in Bookstore • Questions Raised Over Fate of Simmons' Curriculum 
(Parking Lot System Needs Improvement • Fear, Frustration Cloud Tenure Candidates' Lives • 






Activities at Simmons allow us to come 
together within our own world to develop, orga- 
nize, and delegate responsibilities to accomplish a 
certain goal. This process is similar to govern- 
ments and national organizations within the mac- 
rocosm who also plan events. 

On ourmicrocosmic level, the Activities 
Planning Board (APB) and various committees 
are major factors in creating those fun weekends 
we all remember with our friends, families, and 
loved ones. From rope ladder climbing to brunch 
at President Holmes' house; from Parents Week- 
end, to the Valentine's Ball, we will forever re- 
member these times outside of the academic arena. 
Simmons activities have allowed not only mem- 
bers within our own community to interact, but 
they also have brought others to enter into our 







Fall Fest '91, held on September 14-17, was a blast! 
With "Mike Healey and the Starmakers" in Quadside 
on Thursday and the "Video Sock Hop" on Friday, the 
weekend started on the right foot The carnival on the 
Quad on Saturday perfectly completed the weekend, 
despite the rainy weather,with rope ladder climbing, 
air mattress jumping, and balloon-making clowns. 
Contests and cotton candy let everyone just be "kids" 







From November 1-3, parents and guardians could spend time 
with their daughters touring Boston, eating at restaurants, and 
getting to know Simmons a little better. The weekend began 
with Friday afternoon tea, a concert by the Simmons Chorale and 
a welcome reception. President Holmes gave the state of the 
college address on Saturday morning and faculty forums fol- 
lowed. Simmons Graduate and Arts & Entertainment Critic for 
WBZ-TV Joyce Kulhawik 
was invited by the Simmons 
Club of Boston to speak 
about her past jobs and 
what advice she could offer 
students and parents about 
careers. "Love what you 
do!" said Kulhawik. 
Parents and daughters could 
then spend a night on 
historic Boston Harbor 
dancing on the Spirit of 
Boston. The weekend came 
to a close on Sunday with 
brunch at President Holmes' 

■ Pa *ev7su*,^_ 

p «£.STsx-5 KE ' v D' 

* p *^t?£5?em> 

' f,< J»O.TSxi EKE ' v D 

P ^Ts£S* & *>- 

P,»»ir._Lr H l«fX„ 

PA *£.VTSx T f K »B. 

f A ^TSx-S**M>. 

■ p AR£NTSx^ £NI> 
• p A*£.-7|*|«£VD. 

' PA ^VTsiSKe«D. 

\ p ^vrsw5* e *>- 

A *evrs£5*E.VD. 
• p, *ENT? £??*&*>. 



You can tell by the smiles on the faces of these 
seniors and their mothers that everyone had a great time on 
Mother Daughter Weekend. They started off with a cham- 
pagne reception in the Trustman Gallery on Friday, Decem- 
ber 6. Mothers and daughters could talk with faculty and 
staff and view the student art show. It was then time for 
Comedy Night and laughs in Alumnae Hall. 

On Saturday, a luncheon at the Colonnade Hotel and 
a trip to see either "Shear Madness" or "The Nutcracker" 
had each of the mothers very glad they came. Some com- 
muter students also treated their mothers to eating out. 

The weekend ended at the President Holmes' house 
on Sunday. 



'^HF**N : ^*?sPH 1 


1 B " ' flj 

I| J | 

^^\ fl 

1 1^ 

LI/ 1 


Simmons seniors and sophomores shared a memo- 
rable Simmons tradition from February 21-23, Father 
Daughter Weekend! From a champagne reception to 
sports center activities, to a semi-formal dance at the 
Westin Hotel, the weekend proved fun for everyone! 
Some dads and daughters also went to the Mystery Cafe 
Dinner Theater at Three Cheers. Of course, the event 
wouldn't be complete without brunch at President 
Holmes's house on Sunday morning. Special thanks 
should also be given to all those who helped make this 
weekend a success. 


Organizations at Simmons are popu- 
lar and demanding. Many of us are a part of 
a small community of students working to- 
gether to accomplish goals, to talk, to social- 
ize, and to learn about ourselves and each 
other. Simmons offers a wide variety of 
organizations and liaisons - and if a particular 
group doesn't exist, we can create our own! 
Opportunities are endless and we are always 
encouraged to put our talents to use. 

Organizations give us the chance to 
learn about responsibilities and leadership on 
our microcosmic level, so we may someday 
continue to use these skills on the national or 
international level. 

S 1 



"V "* 

Programming Board 


Front: Dawn Gagne, Sheryl Mason, Stacy Sittard, Heather Ruth, 
Erica Kanzinger, Kristy Dobkin Back: Carolyn Baril, Stacy Jeffries, 
liana Isakov, Amy Marino, Tanya Touhey 

L-R: Becka Johnson, Kristen Huey, Stacey Donovan, Pam Gitten, 
Sheryl Beal, Aubbie Beal Missing: Nicole Buens, Stephanie Johnson, 
Paola Handal, Sharon Baughman 

Art & Music 


Asian Student 

Front: Kirstin Childe, Dena Schulman, Alicia Faxon (Advisor) Back: 
Kate Shaw (Chairperson), Barbara Rucci Missing: Beth Gardzinia, 
Michele Ringland, Hollee Maged 



r ac 

Front: Yoon Choi, SoYuk Wong Middle: Sze Ping Cheng, Margaret 
Chin, Duyen Duong, Jenny Chan Back: Kritima Bulsook, May Chan 
Missing: Ronnie Quan (Advisor) 

[L to R) Kristin Myers, Julie Grossman (Fundraiser), Heather Hough 
(Treasurer), Deb Tanguay (Secretary), Michele Casoli (Vice 
President), Lucila Lancaster (President) 

Front: Shirronda Almeida, Maya Thornell, Tanesha Roach Second: Nicole Walcott, Sonja 
Burgers, Royletta Romain, Shauna Daniel, Michelle Fredenburg Third: Jas Farquharson, 
Monica Blackman, Kenya Jacobs, Bichevia Miller, Sache Hunter, Debbie Dubique, Kathy 
Rock Back: Allegra Lawrence, Tina Sullon, Jocelyn Stokes, Lisa Woolfork, Martine Desnoyer, 
Sharice Smith, Annmarie Simms, Debrah Bennett, Parnel E. Ley 

Chemistry Liaison 


L-R: Michele Casoli (President), Debra Tanguay (Vice-Pres), Dagmar 
Andueza (Secretary), Kristin Myers (Treasurer) 

Front: Heather Witmer, Karen Bliss, Liz McMahon, Maria N. Dixon, Nicole Burns, Sherry 
DeRoy Second: Kelli Walton, Tracy Hudson, Mariead McKay, Ana de Melo, Lisa Leonard, 
Cindy Minasidis Back: Pam Gitten, Karen Nichols, Suzanne Arik, Lynn Higgens, Kristen 
Finch, Shelly Wisniewski, Robert Ingari (Conductor) Missing: Bhavani Badhey, Barbara 
Brown, Courtney Larson, Heidi McCrum, Kazuyo Michino, Evelyn Perry, Katherine Robinson, 
Jennifer Samson, Christine Woody 

Commuter Student 

Dance Club 

Front: Sandra Costantini, Susan Matarazzo, Vita Chiarenza, Jima 
Deyab, Soukaiha Adolphe, Marilyn Miller, Jen Samson Middle: 
Rachel Mark, Jodi Alpert, Lisa Haley, Crusita Pinto, Tiziana 
Sorrentino, Cindy Lowe, Barbara Kondilis Back: Riham Rizk, Tamzen 
Tortolani, Caitlin Reid, Noelle Harvey, Lucy DeGirolamo, Soyuk 
Wong, Bob White (Advisor) Missing: Lynne Seeley, Marcy Perez, 
Michelle Glinski, Angela Frio, Lisa Clain 

Members: Maria Antunes, Karen Bliss, Marie Brais, Michelle Bussoie, Sabena Goklani, 
Mandy Goldstone, Kalene Hafey, Gabrielle Hanser, Cheav Hun, Judie Jackson, Vonetta 
Kennedy, Maryam Keramaty, Jennifer Lane, Heidi McCrum, Heather Nelson, Becky Pulling 
(Advisor), Julie Pyram, Magi Ramy (President), Nancy Romps (Choreographer), Merideth 
Saxon, Mum Thai, Jen Thomas, Sarita Thomas, Sonya Thompson, Amanda Tracy, Christine 
Wilkins, Saroun Yearn 

Economics Liaison 

English Liaison 

Front: Kristin Myers, Leslie Bourgeois, Jessica Sisak Back: Jennifer 
Croopnick, Susan Matarazzo, Stacy Sittard, Ava R. Assad Missing: 
Caitlin Carroll, Deanna Almeida 


(L to R) Kimberly LaTorraca (President), Evelyn Perry (Secretary), 
Nancy Lee Keim (Vice President) 

Feminist Union 

Foreign Language 

(From back to front) 

Back, L-R: Amy Roe, Maria Grigoriadis, Laurel Egan, Liz Fowler, 
Traci Houck, Kim Newman Second, L-R: Kassie Kimbriel, Paula 
Riberio, Amy Eacker (Treasurer), Jenn Hall, Amy Castner, Ellen 
Brown, Genevieve Thiel Third, L-R: Rebecca Tucker, Carolyn 
O'Connor, Wendy Olsen, Kate Hugg, Stephani Jones, Heather Walkei 
(President), Phy Ly, Aubbie Beal, Zinah Abukhalil Front, L-R: Deb 
DiBiase, Lizzie Sheinkopf, Allison Cobb (Secretary), Missing: Heather 
Donahue (Vice-Pres), Naripun Sarnsethsiri 

L-R: Sherri Towle (President), Monica Clark (Vice-Pres) Missing: Juli Ana Perez (Secretary), 
Andrea Kirkpatrick (Treasurer) 

Front: Evie Sotiriadis, Spiridoula Dragoumanos, Sotiria Minasidis 
Back: Barbara Kondilis, Johanna Antonakis, Fanoula Georgopoulos, 
Athena Tarsinus 

Front: Jodie Cohen, Rachel Briar, Suzanne Arick, Amy Simons Back: Staci Desatnick, Doreen 
Goldberg, Elisa Liker, Linda Wolf 


International Relations 


International Student 

L-R: Sheryl C. Beal (President), Genevieve Lecko, Jen Montgomery 
(Treasurer), Lisa Connery (Secretary), Karen Bliss (Vice-Pres) 

Front: Sherin Abdul-Hadi, Paola Handal, Fadia Azzi (President), 
Rachana Mahesheka Back: Anjalika Sengupta, Tania Tahlani (Social 
Chair), Saadiah Ali, May Chan (Secretary), Martine Desnoyer (Vice- 
Pres) Missing: Doraine Largent (SGA Rep) 

Management Liaison 


Front: Karen Nickles, Cathy Brady, Anna Iantosca (President), Jennifer Michaud, Carla 
Diogo, Caroline Donovan, Evie Sotiriadis (Treasurer), Amy Curtin, Kim Prescott, Melissa 
McBrian Back: Professor Susan Kasuba (Advisor), Lauren Purcell, Debbie Bendheim, Tammy 
Heim, Amy Bowers (Secretary), Cara Hultgren, Gerri Underwood, Maryann Fennessy, Martha 
Burke Missing: Monica Clark (Vice-Pres) 


Front: Erin Kammann, Sharon Baughman Middle: Julie Merrill, Laura 
MacKnight, Sara Basenkis, Beth Fitzhenry Back: Jennifer Merrill, 
Krista Soucy, Kristin Sylva, Jill Minsky, Heidi Von Ludewig Missing: 
Stacey Charron 

Front: Jennifer Fewkes (Business Manager), Pamela Yee, Amy Rowe, 
Joanne Markow (Editor) Back: Anh-Dao Kolbe (Photo Editor), Paula 
Ribeiro, Allison Cobb (Ass't Editor), Nicole Lisi, Melissa Chinchillo 
Missing: Elka Tovah Menkes, Maryam Keramaty, Zoe Neves, Jennifer 
Winch, Michelle St. Pierre, Karen Boss, Tina Giardina, Venessa Van 

L-R: Jennifer Quinlan (Treasurer), Anna Swan (Secretary), Janice Goslant (President), Amy 
Beth Donovan (Vice-Pres) 

Nutrition Liaison 

Philosophy Liaison 

(Front L to R) Carmen Essonghe (V.P.), Maxine Pestronk (Pres.), 
Michelle Bussiere, Sharon Ruderman (Treas.) (Back L to R) Jima 
Deyab, Prof. Marjorie Gann, Nancy Dolan, Holly Blan, Gail Reitchel, 
Royletta Romain, Donna Paglia, Kristina Nordensten (Sec), Carl 
Leguia, Maureen Maguire, Suzanne King, Melissa Cohen, Heather 
Nelson, Barbara Boen 

Front: Nadia R Totino (President), Sue Stafford (Faculty Advisor) Back: Stephanie 
Rubichaud, Olinda Ramos (Vice-President), Melissa Chinchillo (Secretary), Sloan Green 
(Treasurer) Missing: Marilyn Ray 


Prince Retail Club 

Psychology Liaison 

L-R: Meghan Bradley (President), Marianne Fini, Catherine Sagnon 
(Treasurer), Erica Borowski, Jennifer Kilgore (Secretary) Missing: 
Amy Freed, Nancy Romps, Nicole Lee 

L-R: Erica Allen, (Vice-Pres), Pam Gitten (President) Missing: 
Barbara Kondilis (Fundraiser), Karen Mooradian (Treasurer), Tara 
Piecyk (Secretary) 

Quadside Committee 


Front: Rachel Mark, Eleena Rioux, Shellie Broadley, Aubbie Beal, 
Nikki Snetsky, Jessica Hammatt Back: Gerri Underwood, Jen Samson, 
Carrie Hill, Kassie Kimbriel 


r /v 

Front: Stefanie Jacobs, C.B. Loeb, Olivia Frazier, Kristin Heineman, 
Crystal Condakes, Johanna Knowles Back: Becky Gemmer, Karen 
McCleary, Brooke Mackay, Anne McLaughlin, Aileen Burke, 
Kimberly Funk 

Simmons Intervarsity Simmons 

Christian Fellowship Community Outreach 

Front: Julie Merrill (Secretary), Jenn Thomas (Secretary), Amy 
Anderson, Christine Woody, Heather Berger Back: Jennifer Merrill 
(President), Laura MacKnight, Jennifer Lipsky, Carla Diogo, Vanessa 
Knight (Advisor), Deana Enebo, Amy Timson (Treasurer), Lisa Nicoli 
(Vice-Pres) Missing: Olivia Frazier, Stacy Gray, Stephanie Hansen, 
Suzanne Miller 

Front: Lisa Boudrieau, Rhonda Nixon, Pamela Daniell, Betsy Buckley, Kritima Bulsook 
Second: Paula Ribeiro, Sonya Thompson Back: Tracy Miklasiewicz, Patti Sullivan, Hennie 

Front: Amy Wolk, C.B. Loeb, Heather Ruth, Middle: Jill 
Harmacinski, Bernadette O'Leary, Jodi Raifstanger, liana Isakov, Jen 
Winch, Andrea Parent Back: Elka Tovah Menkes, Tamara Russell, 
Sharon Steinberg, Jill Cohen, Heather Reese, Kristin Heineman 
Missing: Michelle Purdum, Pam Gitten, Amy Wolpert, J. Shay 
Graydon, Lisa Salvadorini 

Front: Gretchen Hughes, Jennifer Frost, Stacy Gray, Marne Dustin, Jill Cohen, Caitlin 
Carroll, Shannon Murphy, Cameron Clough Back: Marya Vande, Lynne Civitello, Betsy Mull, 
Heather Reese, Jennifer Lipsky, Alexandria Brown, Becky Dominquez 




Sociology Liaison 

Student Alumnae 

L-R: Tracy Miklasiewicz (Treasurer), Fern Klapper (Co-President), 
Lauren Gordon (Co-President) 

Front: Laura Herman (Vice-President), Adria Deasy (President), Heidi 
Tibbetts (Secretary) Back: Jen Kilgore, Gabrielle Glick, Amy Fabino, 
Erin Daley Missing: Mary Ellen Conte (Advisor), Kritima Bulsook, 
Dahna Chandler, Beth DeMartino, Jodi LaRoche, Nicole Lisi, Phu Ly 

Student Government 

Students Against 
Violating the Environment 

Front: Debra DiBiase (Rep. of Residents), Jennifer Winch (Senior President), Aimee E. 
Ouelette (Advisor to Student Organizations), Jennie Goldman (Freshman President) Middle: 
Jocelyn Briddell (Director of Student Activities), Melissa D. Long (Advisor to Liaisons), 
Duyen Duong (ASA Rep.), Lorraine Anastasio (Junior President), Erica Borowski (Sophomore 
President) Back: Nancy Spafford (PR Director), Parnel E. Ley (BSO Rep), Laura Hercod 
(SGA Treasurer), Caitlin Carroll (SGA President), Jill Kipnes (SGA Secretary), Doriane 
Largent (International Student Association Representative) 

Front: Anjalika Sengupta, Elizabeth LaMontagne Second: Sue 
Baughman, Christine Burnham (President), Jennifer Desormeau 
(Treasurer), Kim Crutchfield Third: Rebecca Mclntire, Sonya 
Thompson, Britta Rodrigues, Kimberly Clemons, Laurie Sue Thayer 
Back: Leila Murphy, Alison Dorman, Kate Hugg, Joanne Markow 
(Vice Pres.) Missing: Melissa Cohen, Robin Ruta, Katrina Cargill, 
Jodi Wood 

Transfer Liaison 

Women in 

Back, L-R: Jen Cressy, DeDe Lahman, Elizabeth Dean, non-member, 
Robin Ruta Front, L-R: Jamie Lynn, Tami Meretsky 

Front: Christine Woody, Sandra Costantini, May Chan Middle: Julie Lasdow, Kim Niland, 
Kimberly Funk, Wendy Calhoon, Soyuk Wong, Stacie Mac Donald, Nancy Brown, Carroll 
(Faculty Advisor) Back: Amy Rowe, Ann Marie Gerzofsky, Jennifer L. Qualey, Julia Huron, 
Alexandria Brown, Michelle Purdum, Yvette Leeson, Elka Tovah Menkes Missing: Joanne 
Markow, Melissa Mac, Laura Donaldson, Tina Esch, Kalene Hafey, Lauren Obermueller, 
Amy Gray, Laura Herman, Christine Pilleri, Nancy Spafford, Pam Douglas, Sharon Steinberg, 
Tamara Russell, Jill Cohen, Robin Cain, Cheryl Alkon, Brooke MacKay, Rebecca Trento, 
Lorie Williams, Nancy Williams, Pamela Yee, Heather Cabot, Amy Wolpert 

for Simmons 

Groups not 

Front: Kristine O'Malley, Aubbie Beal, Britta Rodriques Missing: Zoe 
Neves, Heidi Sharpentier, Aimee Ouellette Maria Dixon, Heidi Schoen 
Back: Bridget Tivnan, Marci Barnstein, Genevieve Thiel, Heather 

• Abaffazi 
• Education Liaison 
Latin American and Spanish Speaking 


• Lesbian and Bisexual Association 

• National Model Nations 



Class of 1995 Officers 

(L to R) Violet Markowski (Treasurer), Jennifer Huggins (Secretary), Jennie Goldman (President), 
Laura Moreschi (Vice President) 

Class of 1994 Officers 



(L to R) Stephanie Subocz, Erica Borowski, Kristan Cogan, Danielle Hayes 

Class of 1993 Officers 

(L to R) Corrie Leonard, Melissa Bachelder, Lisa Haley, Riham Rizk 

Class of 1992 Officers 

L-R: Jennifer Winch, Lauren Gordon, Carla Diogo, Karen Gordon 










Athletic teams at Simmons allow our 
individual talents to shine while we work for 
the benefit of the whole. From the water, to 
the fields, to the courts indoors, we learn the 
value of being part of a team. 

Enthusiasm and loyalty are the two 
most widely-used words to describe any of us 
on teams at Simmons. We enjoy getting 
involved and the new sports center has in- 
creased our love for staying fit. Whether we 
win or lose, it's having fun and cooperating 
with each other that really matters! 




By Linda Zanghetti 

The Basketball team had their best 
season ever. The team was full of 
experience. Head coach, AN Kantor 
led Simmons for five years. Joining the 
family was Peter Wright as the 
assistant coach. 

Leading the team were senior co- 
captains Elaine Munson and Linda 
Zanghetti. They dedicated their last 
and fourth year to Simmons. Junior 
Deb Bellavance gave another year of 

her solid defensive skill on the courts. 
Sophomore Heather Ross proved to 
be a dominating force. She ranked in 
the top ten among Division III players 
in rebounding. Senior Dawn Von Ahn 
was unable to contribute her talents at 
the beginning of the season due to an 
early injury, but returned second 
semester strong as ever. They all look 
forward to next season. 

Back Row L to R Coach Ali Kantor, Abby Hoffman, Leslie Moscher, Heather Ross, Dawn Von Ahn, Ellie 
Beal, Anouk Gazale, Debbie Bellavance, Sherry Ovens, Assistant Coach Peter Wright Front Row L to R 
co-captain Linda Zanghetti, co-captain Elaine Munson Missing Laura Eldridge 


Name Linda Zanghetti 
Year Senior 
Major Physical Therapy 
Hometown Fishers 
Island, NY 

What were your expectations for this year? 

At the beginning of the season, I felt that this 
was the team that would be the turning point 
for the basketball program. It's a great feeling 
to see it happen. 

What were the funniest moments? When 
Dawn elbowed Elaine in the chest and her bra 
popped open. 

Feelings you would like to add? As a senior, 
beating MIT was a major highlight. Elaine and I 
had lost three times to MIT. Winning that game 
that night was the best experience I had as a 
member as the team. The fans were the best. 
I'm just glad that the basketball program has 
grown so much in the last four years. With all 
the ups and downs, frustrations, and injuries 
came a lot of good feelings of accomplishment. 
It was a great season, a great way to finish. 

Words that describe the team. Experienced, 
feisty, strong-willed. 

The Little Crew That Could 

By Darci Lynn Gomes and Dianna 

This year, the Simmons varsity crew 
team went under many transitions. 
The departure of the previous year's 
varsity and novice coach left many 
lose strings. With the return of five 
varsity members who were Andrea 
Parent, Linda Pfarnerner, Jamie Lynn, 
Pam Certerra, and Susan Eshenfelder, 
the team was in need of uniting the 
old with the new. 

The new varsity coach, Pat 
Callahan, established a goal to keep 
the team rowing with enthusiasm. He 
faced the challenge of uniting two 

different styles of rowing, the previous 
year's varsity and the new varsity. The 
rising varsity brought in eleven 
members, including two coxswains 
and two seniors. The seniors were 
Darci Lynn Gomes and Dianna Shaw. 

The team has a spring racing 
season that lasts for the three months 
from March to May. During the winter 
months the team worked hard through 
the cold weather in the school's 
indoor facilities. This included 
workouts in the tanks, on the 
ergometers and overall cardiovascular 
development combined with strength 
training. The team is looking forward 
to successful seasons. 

Back row L to R Pat Callahan, Andrea Parent, Carrie Hill, Laura Marcotte, Darci Lynn Gomes, Dianna 
Shaw, Ellie Gladding, Wendy Calhoon Front row L to R Susan Eshenfelder, Michelle Getchell, Heidi 
Schoen, Linda Pfatteicher, Janel Clague, Missing Kristi Winer, Carolyn Chamberlain, Stephanie Daigle, 
Pam Ceccarelli, Joanne Stowell 


NOVICE Back Row L to R Laura Gunn, 
Stephanie Chabot, Liz Sheinkopf, Kristen Jenkins, 
Denise Soucy, Jen Rockwell, Jodi Rozecki, 
Heather Nelson, Amy Castner, Felicity Lanier, 
Lisa Leonard, Tracy Pfenning, Juliana Vocca 
Front Row L to R Becky Dominguez, Emma 
Bootle, Jen Witherell, Adrienne Kotowski, Sarah 
Stevenson Missing Sherin Abdul-Hadi, Ellen 
Brown, Suzanne Miller, Stephanie O'Connor, 
Georgina Poravas, Stacy Quinn, Elisa Vocca 

Names Darci Lynn 

Gomes; Dianna Shaw 
Year Seniors 
Majors Art History and 

Women's studies; 

Hometowns Mexico, NY; 

Greenville, Rl 

What were your expectations for this year? 

The whole team had high expectations from 
last year. Our goal is to keep the positive 
momentum throughout the year. 

What were the funniest moments? Carolyn 
Chamberlain .... in a water bottle on the 
starting line of Dad Vail. Four Pecker. Boats 
menstruating together. 

What were the worst moments? The time 
when we were rowing on the Charles while it 
was hailing during spring break and we almost 

Quotes? "Oh my god, I'm sitting in a puddle, 
and I'm wearing a pad!" 

Words that describe the team. Team 
dynamics, family. 

Any other feelings you would like to add? 

My teammates are the best people in the 
world. It is the ultimate sport. It really made a 
difference; I wouldn't be here at Simmons, if it 
wasn't for crew. 



By Kathleen Scruton 

Despite the size of the team this 
year, those runners who did turn out 
were dedicated. Consisting of only five 
members, seniors Lauren Schlapak 
and Kathleen Scruton, sophomore 
Gretchen Eastler and freshmen Violet 
Markowski and Aimee Rubin, the team 
enjoyed a successful season as 
everyone's times improved. Thanks to 
coach Eleonora Mendonca and her 

exemplary driving skills, the team 
travelled from Rhode Island to western 
Massachusetts to Maine for 
competition safely and quickly. 

The team captain, Schlapak, was 
honored by being named to the All 
New England team for her 17th place 
finish in the Division III New England 
Regional meet in Gordham, Maine. 

Although the team is losing two 
seniors, the team is young and looks 
to have a bright future. 

L to R Lauren Schlapak, Aimee Rubin, Violet Markowski, Gretchen Eastler, Katy Scruton, Coach Eleanora 


What were your expectations this year? To 

improve our personal times. 

What were the funniest moments? Eleanora 
wearing street shoes to run. 

What were the worst moments? New 

England race. Injuries 

Quotes? "Where are we going to eat?", "How 
many Heartbreak Hills?", "Amelia Bedila", 
"Don't forget your pillows, Gretchen!", "ROTC" 

What are your hopes for next year? "The 
team is young, so I hope they will get more 
runners and start rebuilding." 

Words that describe the team. Hardworking, 
dedicated, and fun. 

Any other feeling you would like to add? 

"The four years being part of the cross country 
team is a great experience. I will miss everyone. 
And, on behalf of the team, I would like to 
thank Coach Eleanora Mendonca for a 
successful season." 



Though the team was small and 
many players were lost due to injuries, 
"those who remained were very 
dedicated to playing hockey because 
we love it!" said Meg Clifford. She 
hoped more people would realize that 
the time committment really wasn't 

that bad because the friends made 
and the fun experienced made it all 
worthwhile. "We learned a lot from 
each other, our coach Milan is 
excellent, and maybe we didn't win 
every game, but we still had fun," 
said Clifford. 

:•:■■.•■■ ^ 'HimMHB&HBBL -vSJ£. .... .. 

"ip 4 

' ■ 



Back Row L to R Coach Milan Tyburec, Erica Kanzinger, Melissa Greene, Deb Belavance, Kristen Finch, Jennifer Gurwin, Erin Kammann, Sam 
Fantauzzi, Nichol Coleman Front Row L to R co-captain Kathy Desmond, co-captain Pricilla Kelley Missing Venessa van Aalst, Meg Clifford, 
Bridget Dalgety, Sarah Harney, Anne Christos, Jessica Byram 

Name Pricilla Kelley 
Year Junior 
Major Physical Therapy 
Hometown Lexington, 

What were your expectations this year? 

I hoped for more consistent plays. I also hoped 
for a better freshman turnout. 

What were the funniest moments? 

Singing to Milan in the van. Milan's driving skills. 

What were the worst moments? When MIT 
scored their ninth goal. 

Quotes? "Milli" "Today we're going to win" 
"Do something with the ball!" "Speed up." 

What are your hopes for next year? more 
players, a better freshman turnout. 

Words that describe the team. Small and 



By Brandy Herget 

The Sailing team has definitely had 
their seasons; however, their spirit and 
ambition are still alive. With a smaller 
team this year, practices were difficult 
to conduct, but they admire coach 
Jack Carney's enthusiasm despite the 
team set backs. The 1991 sailers are 
juniors Brandy Herget, Jennifer 
Ziepniewski, Heidi von Ludewig, 
sophomore Kristi Winer, and freshmen 
Karen Markowicz and Melinda Pepin. 
From icicles on their noses and swims 
in the river, they take it one day at a 
time and have a great time. 

They have built a respectful 

reputation for the Simmons name in 
intercollegiate sailing and they intend 
to keep and build this reputation even 
more. This is an amazing 
accomplishment for a division III 
school racing with division I 
competition. Simmons is also the only 
women's college in New England to 
compete in sailing. Since Simmons 
contributes the only woman skipper in 
many regattas, the team could say, 
"We're out to beat the guys!" 

With their spring season cut entirely, 
they will not compete until fall of next 
year. However, they still intend to 
have meetings once a week to keep 
their unity intact. 




Name Brandy Herget 
Year Junior 
Major Political Science 
Hometown Niantic, CT 

What were your expectations for this year? 

We all expected to do well. I also expected to 
get our spring season back. 

What were the funniest moments? It was on 

a windy day. I was sailing a laser at MIT and 
suddenly I found myself between two BU men's 
crew boats beside me. I couldn't turn, I almost 

What were the worst moments? It was at 

the Coast Guard Academy in CT. There were 
four of us sailing J-22's and none of us have 
any experience on how to fly a spinnaker. It 
filled through the shrouds on the side of the 
boat instead of the bow. Therefore we were 
pulled toward the bridge and we almost 

What are your hopes for next year? I hope 
we can get more sailers to commit their time. It 
would give us a chance to place better. And 
we all hope to get our spring season back. 

Words that describe the team. Ambitious 

Any other feelings you would like to add? 

Sailing is my favorite sport. It is relaxing and 
challenging. I have the best of both worlds. It is 
also the best sport when it comes to 
communication and working together. It is time 
consuming but it is worth it. 

y. -jffS®&'*~ riXS K i ffl 

L to R Coach Jack Carney, Brandy 
Herget, Kristi Winer, Karen Markowicz, 
Jennifer Ziepniewski Missing Heidi von 
Ludewig, Melinda Pepin 



The 1991 Simmons College soccer 
team, led by new coach Darren 
Darwent, faced many challenges this 
season. After losing eight seniors, and 
with only three freshmen this year, 
they were the smallest team in their 
league. The team consists of only 
fourteen players, five players shy of a 
full team. 

With their talent and positive 
attitude, they were able to come up 
with several wins. Leading the team 
were junior co-captain Rachel 
Gladstone and senior co-captain Beth 
Fioretti. Gladstone at center mid-field 
gave any opponent a challenge. 
Whether a score was made of not, 
Fioretti, junior Susan Mattia, 
sophomore Lorena Martinez, junior 
Bonnie Slayter, and junior Dana 
Spangler produced outstanding 

offensive plays. Sophomore Alexis 
Boryczk and Heather Parsons showed 
talent and effort on the forward line. 

With Darwent coaching, the strategy 
this season depended mostly on the 
defensive line. Aggressive sweeper 
Karin McNerney at fullback, helping 
senior goalie Carla Diogo, stopped 
many balls from the net. Also at 
defense were freshman Amy Shea, 
sophomore Elizabeth Leahy, senior 
Jennifer Lipsky and Lisa Rowe. They 
proved a strong defensive force. 

Their only fall backs were the 
numerous injuries the prevented the 
team from performing their best. But 
what kept them going was their 
coach. Darwent gave his experience, 
English humor, and positive attitude to 
the team. He made all the difference 
for the team. 

Back Row L to R Goalie Carla Diogo, Alexis Boryczka, Jennifer Lipsky, Lorena Martinez, Bonnie Slayter, 
Susan Mattia, Angela Glebus, Coach Darren Darwent Front Row L to R Elizabeth Leahy, Heather Parsons, 
Amy Shea, Karin McNerney, co-captain Beth Fioretti, co-captain Rachel Gladstone Missing Dana Spangler, 
Lisa Rowe 

Name Rachel 


Year Junior 

Major Education and 

Hometown Great 
Falls, VA 

What were your expectations for 1991? 

Because we lost seven seniors, I expected more 
freshman. I spent the first two weeks recruiting. 
It is very disappointing to find out that out of 
about 85 freshman that played varsity soccer, to 
only have three on the team. 

What were the funniest moments? wearing red underwear with white 
umbras and with red socks I Stevie Wonder and 
Ray Charles. Joke time during stretching.. What 
is the German word for ...? Coach singing "Good 
Vibrations" and the coach talking. World Cup 

What were the worst moments? Losing to 
our old coach's team, Framingham State. Losing 
three or four players due to injuries. 

Quotes? "Put the onions in the onion bag." 
"It's a funny ole game." "Composure!" "Fitness 
girls, FITNESS." "Roach" "Beth is Chippy." 

What are your hopes for next year? More 
players and more fans. We need the support. 

Words that describe the team. 

Hardworking, commodity and humorous. 


By Catherine Boehm 

This was the swimming and diving 
team's third year at Simmons College. 
Under the guidance of Head Coach 
Ann McDermott, Assistant Coach 
Frank Sampson, and diving coaches 
Mike Kennedy, Nicole Cosentino and 
Jeff Mule, the team rose to new 
challenges and accomplishments. 
During the course of their five month 

season, nine new pool and school 
records were set: three by co-captain 
Catherine Boehm, four by senior Kim 
Bergeuin, and two by diver Jen 
Bergeuin. Everyone achieved their 
personal goals at all levels, and are 
very proud of their accomplishments 
for the season. 

I 1 I 

Back Row L to R Coach Ann McDermott, co-captain diver Shelley Bourgeous, co-captain Catherine 
Boehm, Tonya Rothstein, diver Stacy Donovan, diver Amy Tedrow, Sarah Gillespie, Kwan Patamapongse, 
diver Kathy Ricca Front Row L to R diver Jen Bergevin, Wendy Olson, Julia Thomas, Kim Bergevin, Erika 
Nelson, Jennifer Qualey, Curran Pope, Andrea Audette, Assistant Coach Frank Sampson Missing Lori 
Gotschall, Miki Miller, Marcia Prucha, Erica Putnam 


Name Catherine Boehm 
Year Sophomore 
Major History and 

Hometown Wilton, CT 

What were your expectations for the year? 

To bring the swimmers and divers closer. To 
get the everyone to accomplish personal goals 
thru team support and positive attitude. 

What were the best moments? The best part 
of the season was our training trip in Florida. 
Because this was the first time the team has 
ever gone away over break, no one knew what 
to expect. As a result we grew together as a 

What were the hardest moments? The 

hardest part of the season was watching so 
many of our athletes unable to give their fullest 
due to injuries. Knowing we have the potential 
to be successful but always facing some small 
setback, is tough on the team. But our 
optimism helped us through. 

Words that describe the team. Spirited, 
supportive, hardworking, family, energetic 


The 1991 Simmons Tennis team 
faced challenges this season. They 
performed well with a season record 
6-8-3. Losing close matches was their 
main frustration. Leading the team 
were senior co-captains Nicole Sebes 
and Shannon Murphy. Senior Syhia 
Wriedt was also a strong force for the 
team. Also on the courts were junior 

Kristen Depasquale, junior Lisa 
Baillargeon, junior Meredith Burwell, 
senior Stacie MacDonald, freshman 
Georgette Sturam, and freshman 
Mindy Cohen. Head coach Karen 
Naylor and the returning players are 
looking forward to a more successful 
season next year. 

L to R Mindy Cohen, Kristin Depasquale, Meredith Burwell, Lisa Baillargeon, Georgette Sturam, Syhia 
Wriedt, Stacie MacDonald, co-captain Shannon Murphy, co-captain Nicole Sebes Missing Coach Karen 


1 1 */*- 

Name Stacie MacDonald 
Year Senior 
Major Advertising 
Hometown Burlington, MA 

What were your expectations this year? 

We basically had a good season but it was not as 
successful as I had anticipated. 

What were the worst moments? 

Experience with Emmanuel and the nightmare 
journey to SMU. 

Thoughts and feelings? There was never a 
dull moment. There was time for fun and work. I 
learned a lot from the people on the team. 
Tennis gave me a drive to work harder; gave me 
motivation, a goal. Some of my best memories 
came from tennis. 

What are your hopes for next year's 
team? I think it would be difficult because our 
top three players are graduating. We need more 
experienced players. 

Words that describe the team. 

Hardworking, motivated, determined, and 



The 1991 Simmons volleyball team 
was a very enthusiastic group despite 
its small size. The team was led by 
the efforts of its four seniors: co- 
captains Elaine Munson and Tracy 
Dollinger, as well as Jennifer Clary and 
Marcia Prucha. Juniors Doris Chin and 
Tina Giardina played a variety of 
positions, while sophomores Laura 
Eldridge and Pam Chamorro were 
outstanding as middle hitters and 

The team's new recruits were 
freshman Siofra Rice and Sue 
Baughman who were always able to 
keep the team's spirit high with their 
sense of humor. The team ended their 
season with a record of 6 wins and 13 
losses. Due to the intense schedule 
through September and October, each 
player improved her individual skills. 
Everyone will miss the varied 
personalities of their teammates that 
made this season one to remember. 

Back Row L to R Doris Chin, Pam Chamorro, Siofra Rice, Jennifer Clary, Laura Eldridge Front Row L to R\ 
Coach Glenn Moen, co-captain Tracy Dollinger, co-captain Elaine Munson, Tina Giardina Missing Marcia 
Prucha, Sue Baughman 


Name Elaine Munson 
Year Senior 

Major Physical Therapy 
Hometown Dartmouth, NH 

What were the funniest moments? Pam 

played her best game of the season after 
fainting at breakfast that morning. 

What were the worst moments? Losing to 

Quotes? "Glenn, where are our sweatshirts??" 

What are your hopes for next year's team? 

I hope everyone works hard and have fun. 

Words that describe the team. Frustration, 





Whether we reside on campus, in an apart- 
ment, or at home, we all share the same characteris- 
tic - the sense of community. 

For those of us in dorms, we all remember 
those special moments for bonding - the all-nighters 
in the lounges, Friday afternoon tea, and of course, 
the fire alarms that always took place oncoldnights! 
Don't forget socializing in Bartol and Quadside too! 

Commuters also described themselves as a 
community or family. The commuter lounge was 
said to turn into the atmosphere of a talk show 
because of the wide range of topics discussed! "We 
know everything about each other!" said Sandra 
Costantini, president of the Commuter Student Or- 

Special thanks is also given to the teams of 
workers that keep Bartol functioning and the cam- 
puses green and beautiful. 

As individuals, we each make our worlds 




Morse Hall 


Mesick Hall 


Evans Hall 

South Hall 


> — — < 

* s, 

Smith Hall 



Arnold Hall 

Dix Hall 


Within our academic and residential worlds, there are many people who deserve credit 
for their continued support of Simmons College. Some are visible while others provide 
"behind the scenes" actions. As microcosms, they all contribute their unique skills and 
services for the benefit of the college's function and that of the residence campus as a 

Above: 1991-92 marked the first 
year Simmons students could 
receive mail in the centralized 
location of Bartol Hall Lobby! 

Bartol Hall: 

Bartol Hall L to R: Linda Kerns (Ass't Director), Maurice Villaneuva, Enselmo Guerra, William Berke, Wayne Cullen, Evelyn Sotto, Calvin Scott, 
Lisa Cobb, Richard Cofield, Shalene Dunbar, Gladys Henry, Yimin Xu, Victor Anthony, Virgulio Flores, Frank LeBrun, Rhett Falagan, Susan 
Graham (Ass't Mgr.), Ralph Colucci (Food Production Mgr.) Missing: Nelson Castonada, Rita Abdul, Alaine Abdul, Sterling French, Hiawatha 
Glover, Carlos Johnson, Santos Rodriguez, Gloria Villenueva, Darlton Stofelet, Daniel Johnson, Adrienne Flores, Harold Bailey, Maria Flores, Nate 
Lambert, Ying Han, Lauren Patterson (Director) Students: Jennifer Jackson, Theresa Mulligan, Sufan Chen, Rebecca Johnson 

Maintenance/Utilities/Grounds: Kenny Sullivan, Frank Wencis, Anthony Dedrich, Alban Moore, Vinny Solazzo, Kurt Provost, Paul Conti, Jose 
Perez, Greg Stratton, Armando Rosentos. Missing Fred Deconick, Tim Casey, Gary Thibodeaux, Steve Kostigen. 


Sports Trainers: (L to R) Michelle Panik, Michael Smith, Marybeth 
Lamb (Head Trainer), Dana Spangler, Kelly Goodrich 7 q 

RESIDENCEAND campus life 


L to R: Security Officer Keith Lariviere, 
Sergeant Robert Flax 

L to R: Sergeant Robert Burgess, Security Officer Gregory Fox, Sergeant Peter Shin, Sergeant 
Arps Edouard 

f ommuter y tudents 


Commuter students play an important 
role at Simmons because they emphasize the 
ideas of friendship and community. There is a 
special bond between commuters that exists 
whether they travel around or hang out on cam- 
pus. The commuter lounge is where much of it 

"We all become good friends in here," 
said ChristaTrigilio. Another commuter, Lynne 
Seeley, commented on the diversity, "I learned 
as much in the lounge as in all my classes...about 
people, cultures, guys, movies, and sex!" Both 
agreed the sense of togetherness and openness 
was "like a giant slumber party!" 

President of the Commuter Student Or- 
ganization Sandra Costantini said, "Everyone 
knows each other, where we're from, the daily 

stresses...even though we don't live with one 
another [like students in dorms] we're just as 
close, if not closer." 

She acknowledged the extra effort 
commuters have to put in to be considered a 
part of the Simmons community, and said the 
Commuter Student Organization is an im- 
portant means for integration. She said it is 
designed with the needs of commuters in 
mind. However, there are also eventsplanned 
to encourage the unification of commuter 
and resident students. Commuter Aware- 
ness Day, the self-defense seminar, and trick- 
or-treating in the commuter lounge are just 
some if the opportunities for interaction. 
"We want to make people more aware of 
commuter issues," said Costantini. 


» : »« , 

i ill 

.■ m;: . ".«- ':»■ - 






Our academic world provides us with the 
opportunity to get in touch with ourselves and find 
out who we are as individuals. Through the 
guidance of faculty and with the assistance of 
administration, staff, and offices, we can make the 
best use of our four years at Simmons. 

Learning goes beyond reading and writ- 
ing. We value the opportunities we spend with 
professors talking with them, sharing our ideas, 
and listening to their advice. 

The academic training we receive pre- 
pares us for entering the world outside of Simmons. 
No matter how many years go by, we will never 
forget the professors that made an impact on our 
lives in a special way. Our interaction with them 
helps and prepares us as microcosms to face a 
world of macrocosms where we can apply what 
we've learned. 


i - 






To The Class of 1992: 

What a world you face. The Berlin Wall has come down, Eastern 
Europe is opening to the world, democratic governments increase 
in number and strength in Africa, the Gulf War is over and won, 
Middle-Eastern antagonists of many centuries are sitting together 
to plan peace. Who could have seen even one of these events much 
less all of them? 

But what does all of this have to do with your graduation from 
Simmons and your future? I hope that you have learned here, but 
more Important, I hope that you have learned to learn. Because 
these events tell us that whatever is will change and whatever we 
have learned will be forever relearned. 

After four years at Simmons you bring to this process, I believe, 
a strong sense of self- worth, persistence, the capacity for hard 
work and, most important of all, the belief that effort produces 
results that are worth the effort. Simmons graduates have proven 
to be special people who have done important things on this base; 
you join their ranks. 

If, in the future, you need to call on us please feel free to 
do so. We are your college and the relationship we have established 
is life-long. 



William J. Holmes 





Dear Members of the Class of 1992, 

If there ever was a time when Simmons College was a microcosm 
of the world it was during your enrollment with us. The turmoil 
and challenge of institutional change; the re-energizing of a 
Simmons spirit; and the concern, both individual and collective, 
about our future mirrored events far beyond the Fenway. 

But as I write this letter it is each of you individually 
about whom I am thinking. What difference did it make to you that 
you spent your undergraduate years with us? How different are you 
as a result of that experience? How better will our society be 
because you have had a Simmons education? Because the answers to 
these questions will change with the passage of time, I urge you 
to take a moment now to write your response to those questions. 
Put your writings in this page of Microcosm to read again some 
years later. Then write again and file for future reference. 
Perhaps your class historian will collect your reflections for 
some distant class reunion. But whether or not that happens, you 
will have the real pleasure of connecting through time with 
Simmons and the real joy of celebrating your success. 

It is with pride and optimism that I celebrate your 
graduation. Though we live in uncertain times, I have every 
confidence that each of you knows how to find a way to make a 
difference. As students, you were hard working, intelligent, 
sensitive, involved, demanding, and fun. The microcosm of Simmons 
is different because of you--so will be the future. 




Charlotte Morocco 
Dean of the College 

\ ^Ma^^^B 

Elizabeth Rawlins 

Dean of Social Sciences 
John Robinson 

Dean of Science Anne Coghlan 

Admissions Office: Tara Dowling, Maria Kefalas, Heidi Eriekson, Michel Wijnands Hawk, Jennifer Coulter, Deborah Wright, Gina Santarpio, 
Ruth Levitsky ("Goddess") Missing: Carol Hill, Jane Fidler, Cheryl Boni, Kathleen Mathews, Crissilla Parris 

Ambassadors: Front Kim Gaynor, Marisa Kramer, Heather Hough, Beth Gardzina, Fern Klapper, Kristin Capra, Yoon Choi, Melinda Blash, 
Corrie Leonard. Middle Gretchen Eastler, Zoe Neves, Brandy Herget, Holly Deming, Laura Gray, Lauralea Lumsden, Betsy Mull. Back Kelli 
Walton, Erin Shaughnessy, Jodi Raifstanger, Sheryl Mason, Stacy Sittard, Laura Donaldson, Holly Watts. Missing Lorraine Anastasio, Karen 
Bliss, Catherine Boehm, Shelley Bourgeois, Michele Casoli, Jillien Cestaro, Allison Cobb, Jill Cohen, Nancy Congdon, Heather Fichandler, 
Leah Goldman, Laura Herman, liana Isakov, Jill Kipnes, C.B. Loeb, Laura Macknight, Patricia Markland, Nicole Sebes, Marya Vande. 



(L-R) Alicia Faxon, Dana 
Chandler, Penny Redfield, 
Robert Oppenheim, Tom 


(Front) Jane Lopilato., 
Richard Nickersofl, 
Karen Talentino (on 
sabbatical). (Back) 
Irwin (no longer works 


(Front L-R): Peter 
Bowers, James Piper, Iclal 
Hartmah. (Back row): 
Thomas Basiri, Jerry Bell, 
Leonard Soltzberg. 



(Front row, L-R): 
Deborah Smiley, James 
Corcoran, Reginald 
Jackson, Lynda Belt2 
(Back row): Christine 
Pilleri, Bob White, 
Nancy Brown Carroll, 
Angelynn Grant. 


(Front, L-R): Jwg^m. 
Sjogren, Daphne 
Kenyon. (Back row, L 
-R): DonBascb, 
Barbara Sawtelle, 
Carole Biewener, Tom 


(Front L-R) Christine 
Jeffrey, Bard Rogers 
Hamlen, Jill Taylor, 
Nina Sinatre (Back) 
Helen Guttentag, Alice 
Van Deusen, Kathleen 
Dunn, Cathie Mercier, 
Carole Chaet, Lydia 

y i i 




(First) Charles 
L'Homroe* John 
Douglas Perry, David 
Gullette, Pamela 
Bromberg, Leslie 
Lawrence. (Back) Ellen 
Draper, Judith 
Wittenberg, William 
Matifyv ;: Rich^rd'Slerirtei * 
Elizabeth Hodgson. 


:;(F«^:i6wi:liS:R)? Mary Jane:; 
Treacy, Raquel Halty Pfaff, 
Debbie Fraioli, Louise Cohen. 
(Second fow,L-R): Jenifer 
Burckett-Picker, Amalia 
Polgarin, Mary-Ann Stadtler- 
Chester, $>ird row, L - R); 
Susan Keane, Beth 
Wellington, Terese Lyons, 
Martha Marks. (Back row, L - 
R): Raylene Ramsay, Zhigang 
Liu, Marie McHugh. 


(Front row, L - R): Susan 
Porter, Mark Solomon. 
(Back row, L - R): Richard 
Lyman, Laurie Crumpacker. 



(Front row, L - R): 
Caroline Considine, 
Bonnie Betters-Reed, 
{Catherine Bevacqua, 
Michael Rouse. (Back 
row, L - R): Bruce 
Warren, Alan 
Robinson, Marlyn 
Gilhs, Susan Kasuba, 
Lyla Collins. 


(L-R): Bob 
Goldman, David 
Browder, Donna 
Beers, Jean Trubek, 
Michael Schmidt, 
Michael Brown;: tm 


(Front row, L - R): 
Penelope Glynn, Lois 
Schoppee, Kathleen 
Miller. (Back row, L 
-R): Phyllis Moore, 
Carol Sherwood; 
Judith Powell, Ann 



(L - R): Nancie HerbokJ. 
Marian Mason, Margery 
Gann, Agnes M. Huber, Zoe 

(Front L-R) John Protevi, 
Paul Guay (Back) Sue 
Stafford, Carol Ochs. 


Edward Prenowitz 

c -J 




(L-R) Joanne Drelier, 
Milton Shuch, Beth 



Donald Thomas, 
Diane Robbins. (Back 
row, L-R): Peter 
Castle, Benjamin 
Miller, Diane 


(L-R) Ronnie Elwell, 
Michael Williams, 
Elaine Hagopian, 
Stephen London. 


Can You 
Solve the 

Times, styles and tastes 
have changed, but the 
faculty, staff, and admin- 
istration of years past are 
still the same today ~ 
dedicated to teaching us 
how to think, how to 
express ourselves and 
how to understand the 
r\J world around us. The 
JL, knowledge and skills we 
gain now and the unself- 
ishness of our faculty 
and administrators will 

forever remain with us... 


Business Managers 

(Front) Kathleen Sullivan, Kathleen Peroni-Callahan, Rita Beal (Back) Marcus Buckley, 
Walter Steere 



Career Resource 

Mika Suzuki, Margaret Shue, Nadia Totino 


Financial Aid 

(Front) Barbara Fazio, Lisa Mayer, Denise Haynes (Back) Johnetta Wiles, Judy Tarpgaard, 
Joan Perlman, Beth Mattson 

Career Services And 
Student Employment 

Stacy Washington, Wendy Friend, Christy Chase, Joann Carroll, Deb Curran, Suzy Chamandy 



Carla Caballero-Jackson, Jocelyn Briddell, Carol Farash 

Career Planning 
& Counseling 

Louise Christian, Jonathan Ehrenworth, Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues 


(1st row) Judy Matthew, Jaye Alper, Theresa Liedtka, Daphne Harrington, Megan Sniffin-Marinoff, 
Christine Turner (2nd) Peter Carini, Bernie Colo, Barbara Passoff, Carol Demos, Artemis Kirk, Dir., Fran 
Rogers, Eric Hinsdale (3rd) Elizabeth Donnelly, Pia Romano, Leo Hernandez, Linda Watkins, Mia Calivas 
(4th) Martha Davidson, Tracy Leger-Hornby, Margaret Shue 

Registrar '& 

(Front) Monica Terrell Key, Denise Chamberlain, Stefanie Jacobs (Back) Linda Lepow, Donna Dolan, 
Susan Branston, Philomena Kilkelly, Maureen Boyle 


Debbie Vaccaro, Diane Hammer, Christine Franklin, Lorie Williams, Mary Ellen Conte. Missing: Alcurtis 
Clark, Judy Makrauer, Anna DeBenedictis, Maria Rodrigues 


Nancy Santos, Elizabeth Stevenson, Sarah Lualdi, Peggy Loeb 






Simmons undergraduate women play a 
vital role as microcosms. 

With fresh ideas, talents, and skills to 
offer to Simmons, its activities and organiza- 
tions, we are able to develop our identities. 
Through our undergraduate years, we learn from 
the seniors and the other role models at the 

We are important pieces of the puzzle of 
Simmons College that continue the tradition of 
excellence and the identity of a small women's 
college. Our preparation now will allow us to 
enter the world of macrocosms, ready and will- 
ing, when we become graduates. 
















CLASS OF '92, '93, '94, '95... 

|H4H ^KjB iint^' : 


m JL "'jKi--'^ 

k'X* r \ \ 

Vr* ^ 



-^ "'■ / 

4L. ^ 

■ B^^ ! 







The final piece! Seniors are the key 
element in making a contribution to the world. 
Undergraduate years have provided preparation 
along with the training and skills learned through 
academic work and extracurricular activities. Ev- 
erything is put to the test now. Whether entering 
graduate school or the work force, as microcosms 
and individual puzzle pieces, the class of 1992 
will be making its impact on the world. The 
microcosms reflect the macrocosms. 

The 1992 MICROCOSM has attempted 
to bring the notion of world affairs to the same 
level in the Simmons community. Starting with 
the view of the puzzle as a whole and gradually 
zooming in on smaller levels of macrocosms, the 
result is the individual puzzle piece. With all that 
is going on in the world, everything can begin and 
end with one individual.. .YOU! 




ging skyline we put 
hope in front of fear." 

Valerie E. Autin 
"Anything is possible 
long as you put your mind 

to it." 

Carolyn Baril 

"So man^pp ^gi§ r^- 

out of my life, so many 

wonderful friends along 

the way." 

Sheryl C. Bea! 

"Go after what you want; 

there's no time like the 

present" — Chinese 


Mickelfe E. Beaufleu 
"Mom, Dad, John, you 
f tnify are my best friends! I 
f .% Jove you v^tth all my 

Deborah L Bendheim 

"Through Simmons I have 

found the fountain of , f 

wisdom and true 


Kimberly M. Bergevin 

"My past is gone; my 

present is passing; my 

future is arriving." 

Sunday Bernstein 
"Your intention sets the 

universe in motion." 

Thank you Jer and Abby, 

Love Mom. 

Leslie Renee Bourgeois 

"There is more to life thar 

increasing its speed." 

Sara Beth Brinen 

"Pleure pas petite sirene, 

la ville dort encore, ton 

histore commence a 

peine." — Francois 


Debra Ilene Adler 

Elementary Education 

Erica Allen 


Shirronda Maria Almeida 

International Rel. /Spanish 


Julie Elin Anthony 

Physical Therapy 

Eloise J. Asmuth 


Ava R. Assad 


Michelle M. Audette 

International Business 

Valerie Elizabeth Autin 

Accounting/Business Mgmt. 

Kristin Jean Bailey 


Carolyn Baril 


Marci Robin Barnstein 


Amy Sisson Barrett 


Elizabeth Anne Barry 

Physical Therapy 

Natalie A. Baser 


Sharon Elizabeth Baughman 

International Relations 

Sheryl Catherine Beal 

International Relations/French 

Mickelle E. Beaulieu 

Elementary Ed. /Psychology 

Deborah L. Bendheim 

Business Management 

Kimberly Marie Bergevin 

Physical Therapy/Psychology 

Karen A. Berlane 


Leslie Renee Bourgeois 


Sara Beth Brinen 


Stephanie A. Brogna 


Barbara Louise Brown 

Human Services/ Psychology 

Suellen Brown 

Elementary Education 

Sonja E. Burgers 

Aileen M. Burke 

Graphic Design/Comm. 

Martha E. Burke 

International Management 

Barbara A. Burnham 

International Rel. /Economics 

Heather L. Cabot 

English/ Philosophy 

Kristin Ray Capizzo 

English Literature 

Kristen D. Capra 

Early Childhood Education 

Michelle Lynn Cardoza 


Wendy L. Carr 


Caitlin Emily Carroll 

International Rel. /Economics 

Denise A. Caruso 


Michele Marie Casoli 


Sarah M. Cassimally 


Jillien Gay Cestaro 


Vita Marisa Chiarenza 

Psychology/Human Services 

Lisa Ann Chin 


Barbara L. Brown "I took the 
road less travelled by, and 

that has made all the 
difference." — Robert Frost 

Barbara A. Burnham 

"Honour the past, but 

welcome the future (and 

dance your death away at 

this wedding)" — e.e. 


Heather L Cabot 

"Luck is opportunity met with 

preparation." — Oprah 

Winfrey. Good luck "92! 

"Success is the culmination 

of all our experiences." 

Kristen Capra 

"Nothing great was ever 

achieved without 

enthusiasm." - Ralph Waldo 


Caitlin Carroll 

"... and the future is 

certain, give us time to work 

it out." — Talking Heads 

Denise A. Caruso 

"The most wasted of all our 

days are those in which we 

have not laughed." 

Michele Marie Casoli 

"The tree hadn't died . . . 

this tree that men chopped 

down . . . this tree lived! And 

nothing could destroy it." 

Jillien Gay Cestaro 
"Thank you, Mom and Dad!" 

Vita M. Chiarenza 

"I was determined, I 

succeeded, and it was 

because of all of you." 

Melissa Leigh Chinchillo 

"Everything that the human 

spirit undertakes or suffers 

will lead to happiness when 

guided by wisdom" — Plato 

Wendy W. Chin 


Melissa Leigh Chinchillo 


Meghan Lloyd Chrisney 

International Business 

Lynne R. Civitello 

"There are flowers 

everywhere for those who 

really want to see them." 

— Henri Matisse 

Jennifer Clary 

"Imagination is the highest 

kite one can fly." Lauren 


Coleen P. Clement 
"If s not my aptitude but 

my attitude that 
determines my altitude." 

Marguerite K. Clifford 

"Soon we'll be away from 

here; step on the gas and 

wipe that tear away, one 

sweet dream came true 

today." — The Beatles 

Cara Cloutier 

"I'm so glad we had this 

time together just to share 

a laugh or sing a song." 

Josephine Colarusso 
"Small minds speak of 
people. Mediocre minds 

speak of facts. Great 
minds speak of ideas." 

Sandra Costantini 

"If you are a dreamer, 

come in ..." - S. 

Silverstein. Love and 

thanks to the Believers. 

Jennifer Cressy 

"I will live by my own 

policies, I will sleep with a 

clear conscience, I will 

sleep in peace." — 

Sinead O'Conner 

F.un-Ha Chung 

Computer Science 

Lynne R. Civitello 

Open Program 

Rebecca Marie Clark 

Physical Therapy 

Jennifer Jane Clary 


Coleen Patricia Clement 

Elementary Education 

Tracy Lynn Clement 


Marguerite (Meg) K. Clifford 


Cara Cloutier 

Physical Therapy 

Josephine Colarusso 

International Business/French 

Adria Deasy 

"One is not born a 

woman, one becomes 

one." — Simone 

DeBeauvior (French writer 

and philosopher) 

Beth A. DeMartino 
"The thing women have 

got to learn is that 

nobody gives you power. 

You just take it." — 

Roseanne Barr 

Elizabeth Conner 


Lisa A. Connery 

International Relations/Spanish 

Sandra Marie Costantini 


Jennifer M. Cressy 

International Business 


Jennifer G. Croopnick 


Amy S. Curtin 


Katherine A. Daley 

International Rel. /Sociology 

Michelle Suzzane Davis 


Adria Deasy 

Comm. /Political Science 

Beth A. DeMartino 


Mary Louise Demick 


Maral Demirjian 


Kathleen Maura Desmond 

Physical Therapy 





lIlO N T H A T l| 


what you want 
mting what you 
— Shakespeare 

ieth Donova 

ncrtuH FOR THE 

STARS!!! Much thanks 

to all who supported 

me in my nursing 


bin L Eisenberg 
"Don't wait for your 
ship to come in. Swim 
out to it/' 

Rebecca Feuer '[;■ 

"Set your course for 

adventure, your mind 

on a new romance . . . 

"—The Love Boat 

Beth Anne Fioretti 
"Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Chris, Amy, Robyn, and 

Dave. I love you." 

Judith Barbara Fox 

"How far is far, how 

high is high? We'll 

never know until we 

try." — From the 

California Special 

Olympics song 

Michelle Fredenburg 

"To know your history 

is to know your 



m *** 


r - 


:-i";-:,- ■&£ 

i; ; : :' 

lima H. Deyab 


Tracy L. Dollinger 

Physical Therapy 

Carla Diogo 


■ if : M:-:i: : ' ii '' 

Stacey L. Donovan 

English/African Amer. Stud. 

Amy Beth Donovan 


Alison Stacey Dorman 

Political Science/ Fine Art 

Kristy Dobkin 

Political Science/English 

Caroline Ann Donovan 

Accounting/ Finance 

Linda R. Downing 

International Rel. /Sociology 

Rachel Beth Drucker 

International Relations 

Jennifer Eilian 


Robin Lise Eisenberg 


Adriana C. Elmes 


Kirsten A. Esposito 

Severe Special Needs 

Jennifer Kim Feldman 


Maryann B. Fennessy 


Rebecca L. Feuer 


Heather Lynn Fichandler 

Open - Health Science 

Beth Anne Fioretti 


Marianne Fini 

Retail Management 

Michelle Fredenburg 

Physical Therapy 


Allyse M. Frieswyk 


Angela Frolo 


Jennifer L. Frost 


Gwen Melisa Fulco 

Physical Therapy 

Dawn Melissa Gagne 

Public Relations 

Teresa Carole Gallo 


Beth Frances Gardzina 


Melissa D. Garlisi 



Allyse M. Frieswyk 

"So if goes." — Kurt 


Gwen Melisa Fulco 

"The most lively thought 

is still inferior to the 

dullest sensation." 

"Look out world, 'cause 
here I come, like it or 
NOT! Smite everyone!" 

Beth F. Gardzina 

"When you go out into 

the world watch out for 

traffic, hold hands, and 

stick together." — R. 


Melissa D. Garlisi 

"Only stop to rest yourself 

when the silver moon is 

shining high above the 

trees." — J.T. 

Ann Marie Gerzofsky 

Public Relations 

Pam Gitten 



Doreen Nancy Goldberg 

Physical Therapy 

Darci Lynn Gomes 

Art History/Women's Stud. 

Maria Isabel Gomez 


Karen B. Gordon 

Comm. /Graphic Design 

Lauren S. Gordon 


Janice Lynn Goslant 


J. Shay Gray don 


Amy Jill Greenblatt 


Leslee D. Griffith 


Anne Marie Gerzofsky 

"Happiness is not 

having what you want, 

but wanting what you 


Pam Gitten 

"Speak up. Speak out. 

Voice your opinion!" 

Darci L. Gomes 
"Whatever your labor 
and aspirations, in the 
noisy confusion of life, 
keep peace with your 

Karen Beth Gordon 

"You're only human, 

you're allowed to make 

your share of 
mistakes." — Billy Joel 

Lauren S. Gordon 

"If I live I'll be great-l 

can hardly wait." — 


Janice Lynn Goslant 

"Now I lay me down to 

rest, a pile of nursing 

books upon my 

chest ..." 

Amy J. Greenblatt 

"We're never gonna 

survive unless we go a 

little crazy!" 

Anne Pauline Guterman 

"Congratulations! This 

is just the beginning of 

another adventure." 

Melissa Haddad 

"Thanks for everything. 

I love you Mom, Dad, 

Heidi, Dana, Lisa, 
Maxwell, and Papa." 

Anne Pauline Guterman 


Melissa Haddad 

Political Science 

Lilia M. Halpern 


Jill Harmacinski 

"If you can catch more 

flies with honey rather 

than sugar, what can 

you catch with writing 

the truth?" 

Susan F. Hoffman 

"This is the time to 

remember 'cause it will 

not last forever." — Billy 


Shannon Marie Holmes 
"Thanks for the times 
that you've given me, 

the memories are in my 

Whitney L. House 

"Only the strong admit 

their fears and if you 

really need me I'll 

always be here." 

Kristyn Huey 

"The philosophers have 

only interpreted the 

world, the thing 

however is to change 

it!"— Marx 

liana Louise Isakov 

"If your friends are 

there, then everything's 

alright."— J.T. 

Stefanie Hannah 


"Imagination is what 

you make of it." 

Nancy Lee Keim 

"The Mother Duck was 

teaching her children to 

stand on their heads 

because, of course, 

everyone in the best 

society stood on their 

heads." — Oscar Wilde 

Maryam Dianne 


"Hitch your wagon to a 

star, make a wish, and 

there you are." 

Jill Harmacinski 


Laura H. Hercod 

Political Science 

Laura Elisabeth Herman 


Yoshie Hirano 


Shannon Marie Holmes 


Heather Leigh Hough 


Whitney L. House 


Kristyn Huey 


Julia E. Huron 

Comm. /Public Relations 

Anna M. Iantosca 


liana Louise Isakov 

Advertising/ Public Relations 

Yumiko Isawa 

Political Science 

Kenya Jacobs 


Stefanie Hannah Jacobs 


Nancy Lee Keim 

English Literature 

Asako Kenjo 


Maryam D. Keramaty 


Debra L. Kessler 


Jill Diane Kipnes 


Fern Klapper 


Johanna Beth Knowles 


Debra L. Kessler 

"Dream as if you'll live 

forever, live as if you'll 

die tomorrow." 

Fern Klapper 

"If you don't risk 

anything, you risk even 

more." — E.J. 

Johanna Beth Knowles 

"Don't be dismayed at 

good-byes, a farewell is 

necessary before you 

can meet again." — 

Richard Bach 

Barbara K. Kondilis 

"Inner strength and 

openness compel us to 

new horizons, a vast 

ocean awaits 


Barbara Kondilis 


Mica Elizabeth Kreutz 

International Relations 

Jennifer E. Kruczek 


Bryna Tira Lakin 

Early Childhood Ed. /Psych. 

Jodi A. LaRoche 


Julie Alexis Lasdow 


Kimberly G. LaTorraca 


Michelle Lee Laurenza 


Yvette Leeson 



Suzanne N. LeJeune 

Elementary Education 

Lisa Anne Lenfestey 

Physical Therapy 

Christina E. Libertini 


Elisa M. Liker 


Sarah Virginia Littlefield 

Open Program 

Elizabeth Dale Lloyd 

Political Science 

Christine Jane Lumpkins 

Arts Administration 

Melissa Rebecca Mac 


Jennifer S. Lipsky 

Elementary Education 

Melissa Danielle Long 

International Rel. /Sociology 

Stacie Ann MacDonald 


believe in yourself, you 

can go anything. 1V 

Jodi A. Laroche 

yKirrl bef Iv^G ™ j f y ffljHtt 

'Thanks for everything 
I love you 

Mom & Dad 

Yvett0 Leeson 
"One who risks nothing 

does nothing, has 

nothing, & is nothing. 

She may avoid suffering 

& sorry but she can't 

learn, feel, change, 

grow, live or love." 

Elisa M. Liker 
"Live, love and learn." 

Stacie Ann MacDonald 

"The man, the woman 

who risks nothing, does 

nothing, has nothing, is 

nothing." — 


Brooke Bennett Mackay 

Graphic Design 

Laura A. MacKnight 

Mathematics/ Finance 

Michelle Rose Macrina 





||o N T H AT ! 

r\ & J* 

Anne E. McLaughli 
"A journey of a 

thousand miles must 
begin with a single 
step." — Lao-Tzu 

Elka Tovan Menkes 

"So many books, so 

little time." 

Cara Mia Meringoio 

"Mom & Dad, thank 

you for all the years of 

special love and 


Jennifer S. Merrill 

"The money was worth 

it! Thanks Mom and 


Julie A. Merrill 

"It isn't your position 

that makes you happy, 

it's your disposition." 

Amrita J. Mistry 

"Light tomorrow with 

today!" — Elizabeth 

Barrett Browning 

(1806-1861) v 

Nicole C. Mance 

International Relations/French 

Patricia C. Markland 


Sheryl Mason 


Shrimattie D. Maniram 


Jean E. Marois 


Susan E. Matarazzo 



1 '' 


~ r k 

i . 



$p<™ m)k 


Rachel L. Mark 


Elizabeth B. Marshall 


Karen Ann McCleary 

Graphic Design 

Lisa R. Mendlen 

Retail Management 

Elka Tovah Menkes 


Cara Mia Meringoio 


Jennifer S. Merrill 


Julie A. Merrill 


Tracy J. Miklasiewicz 

Comm. /Sociology 

Michelle L. Miller 

International Rel. /Economics 

Amrita J. Mistry 


i ,. 


Karen C. Mooradian 


H. Esperanza Garzon Morer 

English/Women's Studies 

Theresa M. Morrissey 


Jessica F. Moyer 


Elaine Marie Munson 

Physical Therapy 


Kara L. Murphy 

Elementary Education 

Leila Abry Murphy 

International Relations 

Shannon L. Murphy 



Kristin Beth Myers 


Tracey Elizabeth Nickerson 


Lisa J. Nicoli 

Physical Therapy 

Stephanie R. M. O'Connor 


Bernadette K. O'Leary 


Angela J. Oriano 


Andrea Jeanne Parent 

Comm./Graphic Design 

Kristin Jean Paulyson 


Evelyn Mooar Perry 



Maxine Pestronk 


Linda E. Pfatteicher 

Philosophy/Women's Stud. 

Gina M. Portella 


Kimberly Ann Prescott 


Marcia Prucha 


Lauren Marie Pureed 


Jennifer Ann Quinlan 


Jodi H. Raifstanger 


Kim Rasmussen 


Heather Lynn Reese 

Political Science/Comm. 

Jane Carolanne Regan 

Political Science 

Elizabeth Daphne Rentz 

Graphic Design 

Leila Abry Murphy 

"Every raindrop is a 

kiss from Heaven." — 


Andrea Jeanne Parent 

"Relativity Intrinsic 

Decadent Nirvana. 

Incredulous Stego. 

Dastardly Cryptic 

Pervading Concept. 

Bonemian Surrealist. 


Marcia Prucha 

"The last 4 years have 

been but crossroads . . 

. may they lead us all 

to paths of success." 

Jodi H. Raifstanger 
"True friends are the 

most valuable 

possessions; I guess I 

have everything." 


Mary-Eliza Pruyn Renz 

International Rel./Comm. 

Sonja A. Rich 

Physical Therapy 

Sarah Elizabeth Rockne 

English/ Philosophy 

Karin B. Rosvall 


Barbara Ann Rucci 


Tamara Ella Russell 

Comm. /International Rel. 

Jenelle T. Russo 

International Relations/Spanish 

Heather J. Ruth 

Advertising/ Public Relations 


Tamara Ella Russell 

"The only place success 

comes before work is in 

the dictionary." 

Laura A. Savidge 
"Now IT begins." 

Kathleen Anne Scruton 
"Knowledge . . . prior to 
its being a power, it is a 
good; that is, not only an 
instrument, but an end." 
— John Henry Cardinal 

Dorian Sette 

"Thank you Mom and 

Dad. I love you both very 


Erin Patricia Shaughnessy 

"Years ago I knew 

everything; now I know 

nothing; education is a 

progressive discovery of 

our own ignorance." 

Jennifer J. Samson 


Lynne M. Sarantis 

Business Management 

Laura A. Savidge 


Meredith D. Saxon 

Physical Therapy 

Victoria A. Scaltsas 


Laura Lea Schiffman 


Lauren B. Schlapak 


Lisa Suzanne Schroeder 

Physical Therapy 

Dena Ellen Schulman 

Art Administration/Comm. 


Joan Dewey Schwerin 


Kathleen Anne Scruton 


Nicole J. Sebes 


Lynne M. Seeley 

Public Relations 

Dorian Sette 

Elementary Education/Art 

Marianne Sharp 

Physical Therapy 

Erin Patricia Shaughnessy 

Psychology/Sociology 129 

Dianna L. Shaw 


Katrina J. Shaw 

Art History 

Jennifer M. Sheehan 

Physical Therapy 

Suzanne M. Sheridan 

Physical Therapy 

Meredith D. Shuman 

International Relations/Spanish 

Jessica Lynn Sisak 

Economics/International Rel. 

Stacy A. Sittard 


Linda S. Smith 

Graphic Design 


Jemma H. So 

Mgmt./International Mgmt. 

Ariiani Damajanti Soegiarso 


Evie Sotiriadis 

Accounting/ Finance 

Vikki-Ann Spaulding 


Michelle L. St. Pierre 

Political Science/Comm. 

Linda Marie Steubesand 

Public Relations 

Lisa R. Stoler 

Early Childhood Education 

Nancy A. Spafford 

Advertising/Public Relations 

Lisa Michele Starzyk 


Carmen Alexandran Strachan 


Dianna L. Shaw 

"With all its shame, 

drugery, and broken 

dreams, it is still a 

beautiful world." 

Katrina Jane Shaw 

"Adventure is 

worthwhile in itself." — 

Amelia Earhart 

Suzanne M. Sheridan 
"Good times with good 

friends. Thanx Mom, 

Dad & Brothers. I love 

you John." 

Stacy Sittard 

"Thanks to you the 

class of '92 for the best 

four years of my life - 

so far." 

Evie Sotiriadis 

"The past will never be 

forgotten as long as we 

have the memories. 

Thanks Mom & Dad. 


Michelle St. Pierre 

Mom, Dad, Sue 

"Thanks" Jen, Nat, 

Cari, Kristyn, Jules, 

Amos. "I do, do you?" 

Friends always. Love 

Chelle (Mrs. Nice) 

Pitchayada Suvanadat 

"No bird soars too 

high, if it soars with its 

own wings." 

Pitchayada Suvanadat 

Finance/ Art 

Mika Suzuki 


Anna Olivia Swan 






|||0 N THAT! 

lise Tedrow 

le capacity to care 

s the thing which gives 

life it's deepest 

meaning and 


Nadia R. Totino 

"You must do the thing 

you think you cannot 

do." — Eleanor 


Sherri-Lynn Towle 

' ft you refuse to accept 

anything but the best 

you very often get it." 

Katie M. Tyler 
"it's not what the wo 
holds for you, but what 
you bring to it." 

Holly Watts 

"Each day we are given 

stones. But what do we 

build with it? Is it a 

bridge or a wall?" 

Jennifer R. Winch 
"Live for the moment." 

Linda R. Wolf 
"Never regard study as 

a duty, but as the 

enviable opportunity to 

learn ..." — Albert 


Kathryn Youngren 

"The human spirit is 

stronger than anything 

that can happen to it." 

— Salada tea bag 


Karen M. Szewczyk 

Elementary Education/ Art 

Debra Ann Tanguay 

Biology / Biochemistry 

Amy Elise Tedrow 

Severe Special Needs 

Lisa Teixeira 


Maria Teixeira 

Open Program 

Nadia Rose Totino 

Political Science/ Philosophy 

Sherri-Lynn Towle 

International Business/Spanish 

Christa IY1. Trigilio 
Biology/ Philosophy 

Katie M. Tyler 

Political Science 

Joanna Valhouli 


Michelle J. Vallerand 

French/Political Science 

Juliann B. Villalobos 

Advertising/ Management 

Dawn C. Von Ahn 

Physical Therapy 

Rita Marie Walker 


Judith Marie Walsh 

Physical Therapy 

Holly Watts 

Management/Computer Sci. 

Kristen L. Williams 

Elementary Ed. /Sociology 

Jennifer R. Winch 


Linda Rachel Wolf 


Amy B. Wolk 


Amy Lynn Wolpert 



Lisa Gail Woolfork 

Communications/ English 

Syhia M. Wriedt 


Kathryn L. Youngren 


Linda M. Zanghetti 

Physical Therapy 

Heidi Charpentier 

Accounting/ Mgmt. 

Eleena B. Rioux 


Kimberly M. Scott 

Retail Management 

Claudia Silvietti 


Kathryn Youngren 

"The human spirit is 

stronger than 

anything that 

can happen to it." 

— Salada 

tea bag 

Top Simmons Seniors Inducted into the Academy 

By Heather Reese 

Editorial Staff 

Family, friends and faculty gathered 
together in jhe sports center last 
Wednesday to acknowledge and honor 23 
students who were inducted into Academy. 

In line formation each student walked 
across the small stage to shake the hand of 
President Holmes and receive their 
certificate from Charlotte Morocco, Dean 
of the College. 

Academy was established in 1918 under 
President Henry LeFavour, according to 
Archive records, and recognized by faculty 
as the College's official honor society in 
1943. Its original purpose was, "to 

recognize academic ability and scholarship 
in those courses of study which are of a 
liberal arts rather than of a technical 

Current College literature describes 
Academy members as, "students whose 
superior achievement at Simmons places 
them in the upper ten percent of their 
graduating class." 

Membership criteria for Academy has 
gone through many changes since the 
organization's establishment. 

In 1940, members had a 3.2 cumulative 
grade point average (GPA), and transfer 
students a 3.3. It was that same year 
that sciences were included, for the first 
time, for entrance into Academy. 

The current 3.75 GPA requirement for 
entrance into Academy was instituted in 
response to the creation of the Dean's list 
in 1959. 

President Holmes and Dean Morocco, 
both speakers at the convocation, praised 
the Academy's new members. 

"This event is even in some ways more 
important than commencement, because it 
honors the center of our academics," said 
President Holmes. 

Holmes then introduced Harry S. 
Barnes, Warburg professor of International 
Relations who delivered the convocation 

The subject of Barnes's speech, entitled, 
"Janus and Diplomats," emphasized the 

importance of diplomacy and looking at 
both sides of an issue. Janus was a Roman 
god of the past and present and had two 
heads, one looking each way. 

"By all means, look at alternatives, 
consider your options. It means a great 
deal to be like Janus. Look at both sides 
of a coin, but always be sure you know 
what the coin is worth." 

With the conclusion of Barnes's speech, 
members of the 1991 Dean's List were 
recognized by Dean Morocco. 

"Academic excellence begins with 
imagination. The ability to form an image 
of something not present to the eye, and 
make it real or concrete to oneself. This 

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is a celebration of teaching and learning," 
Morocco said. 

Academy members were then introduced 
by the Advisor to Academy Carol Ochs, 
professor of philosophy. 

"If you're the same as you were last 
year, you have died a little," said Ochs. 
She added, "Academy is meant to 
acknowledge your success in response to 
the academic system. It's meant to charge 
you to stay intellectually driven." 

Driven is the word. Jennifer Lipsky, 
senior and Academy member says that she 
studies an average of 4-5 hours a night to 
maintain her GPA. 

Lipsky has been on the Dean's list 
every semester, with the exception of fall 
semester of her freshman year. 

As she sat through the ceremony Lipsky 
said that she thought about how hard she'd 
worked during the past three years. 

"I was very honored to be there. I mean, 
I was excited when I got the letter, but 
actually being a part of the ceremony made 
me feel even more honored," she said. 

Students are recommended for Academy 
by the Registrar, nominated by the 
Administrative Board, and admitted by 

Also honored at the ceremony were five 
students awarded for academic distinction. 

The Alumnae Award for Academic 
Achievement was presented to Linda Wolf, 
by Beryl Hardacker Bunker, alumna of 
1940. The first of the alumnae awards 
was presented in 1936. 

(Left) Eun-Ha Chung, Sunday 
Bernstein, Heather L. Cabot 

(Front L-R) Leslie 
R. Bourgeois, 
Michele M. Casoli, 
Lauren S. Gordon, 
Jennifer S. Merrill 
Back L-R) Debra 
L. Kessler, Melissa 
L. Chinchillo, 
Jennifer M. 
Sheehan, Jennifer J. 
Clary, Sharon E. 
Baughman, Julie S. 


Sophie E. Cannon, 
Whitney L. House, 
Karen C. 

Mooradian, Linda 
R. Wolf 

Lucila E. Lancaster 

Yes sir, that's my baby, 

Erica Allen 

Sharon Baughman 

Vita Chiarenza 

Sandra Costantini 

Adria Deasy 

Kathleen Desmond 

AnnMarie Gerzofsky 

Doreen Goldberg 

Karen Gordon 

Meg Clifford 

Josephine Colarusso 

Sue Hoffman 

Dawn Gagne 

Lilia Halpern 

Laura Herman 

Stefanie Jacobs 

Whitney House 

' ^ 


Deb Kessler 

Mica Elizabeth Kreutz 





Elizabeth Marshall 

Anne McLaughlin 

Tracy Miklasiewicz 

Dianna Shaw 


J. ~ i 

Kara Murphy 

Lisa Nicoli 

Lauren Purcell 

Heather Reese 

Dorian Sette 

- •■ ■BkXiJ 


Mika Suzuki 

Maria & Lisa Teixeira 

Sherri-Lynn Towle 

Lisa Woolfork 

Linda Zanghetti 

£ Jjjj3jJ^J J ^Jjj3 


No sir, don't mean maybe! 

Ayesha Fatima Abdal-Khallaq 

44 Crestwood Park 
Boston, MA 02121 

Debra I. Adler 

124 The Chase 
Syosset, NY 11791 

Erica S. Allen 

1 Rectory Drive 
Coventry, RI 02816 

Jacqueline M. Almeida 

479 Main Street 
Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Shirronda Maria Almeida 

30 James Street 
Newbedford, MA 02740 

Kimberly J. Amory 

52 High Ridge Road 
Brookfield, CT 06805 

Julie Elin Anthony 

70 Lindy Avenue 
Riverside, RI 02915 

Eloise J. Asmuth 

269 Stanley Drive 
Glastonbury, CT 06033 

Ava R. Assad 

350 Quequechan Street 

Apartment #2 
Fall River, MA 02723 

Michelle M. Audette 

24 Crestview Drive 
Westborough, MA 01581 

Valeria E. Autin 

245 Orchard Street 
Millis, MA 02054 

Kristin J. Bailey 

South Main Street, Box 887 
Wolfeboro, NH 03894 

Lee Baldwin 

48 Owenoke Park 
Westport, CT 06880 

Liliana M. Baptista 

306 Broadway, #1 
Cambridge, MA 02139 

Carolyn A. Baril 

3674 Tiffany Ridge Lane 
Cincinnati, OH 45241 

Marci R. Barnstein 

09 Raven Road 
Canton, MA 02021 


Amy S. Barrett 

22 Arnold Street 
Providence, RI 02906 

Mary Ellen Barron 

357 Commercial Street 
Boston, MA 02190 

Elizabeth A. Barry 

132 Cliff Road 
Milton, MA 02186 

Natalie A. Baser 

20 Hemlock Drive 
Essex, CT 06426 

Sharon Elizabeth Baughman 

101 Green Street 
Medfield, MA 02052 

Sheryl C. Beal 

RR #1, Box 8870 
Waterbury Center, VT 05677 

Mickelle E. Beaulieu 

204 Central Avenue 
Lewiston, ME 04240 

Deborah L. Bendheim 

#906, Point of Americas 

2100 South Ocean Lane 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 

Kimberly M. Bergevin 

20 Nightingale Path 
Liverpool, NY 13090 

Karen A. Berlane 

50 Highland Street 
Holden, MA 01520 

Esther Beth Blum 

714 Burr Street 
Fairfield, CT 06430 

Katherine Boegehold 

109 Irving Street 
Waltham, MA 02154 

Jennifer A. Bond 

550 Montrose Lane 
St. Paul, MN 55116 

Leslie Renee Bourgeois 

20 Judy Drive 
Leominster, MA 01453 

Sara Beth Brinen 

427 Concord Road 
Sudbury, MA 01766 

Stephanie Allyan Brogna 

8 Kennedy Road, Apt. 3 
Winthrop, MA 02152 

Barbara Louise Brown 

19 Summer Street 
Dover, NH 03820 

Caroline M. Brown 

15 Marian Road 
Acton, MA 01720 

Doris Yvette Brown 

2 Walden Drive 
Natick, MA 01760 

Elizabeth S. Brown 

598 Union Street 
North Marshfield, MA 02059 

Suellen Brown 

40 Roberta Avenue 
Pawtucket, RI 02860 

Aileen M. Burke 

24 Longwood Drive 
Delmar, NY 12054 

Martha E. Burke 

14 Liberty Street 
Concord, NH 03301 

Barbara A. Burnham 

1768 East Portal Way 
Sandy, UT 84093 

Heather L. Cabot 

502 E. State Avenue 
Pheonix, AZ 85020 

Elizabeth L. Callanan 

36 Prospect Street 
Charlestown, MA 02102 

Kristin R. Capizzo 

16 Sandy Vally Drive 
Walpole, MA 02081 

Lisa Ann Chin 

151 Florence Street 
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 

Kristen D. Capra 

810 Mandalay Avenue 
Clearwater, FL 34630 

Michelle L. Cardoza 

22 Stratford Place 
Binghamton, NY 13905 

Wendy L. Carr 

118 Vi Governor Street 
Providence, RI 02906 

Caitlin Emily Carroll 

81 Lakeshore Drive 
Colchester, VT 05446 

Denise A. Caruso 

13408 64th Terrace Northeast 
Kirkland, WA 98034 

Michele Marie Casoli 

5 Jennifer Road 
Wakefield, MA 01880 

Sarah M. Cassimally 

1209 Texas Court 
Fort Pierce, FL 33450 

Amy E. Castle 

95 Lexington Avenue 
Cambridge, MA 02138 

Jilian Gay Cestaro 

52 Old Auburn Road 
Derry, NH 03038 

Heidi Charpentier 

4180 Mt. Hamilton Road 
San Jose, CA 95140 

Vita M. Chiarenza 

8 Oakridge Drive 
Saugus, MA 01906 

Wendy Win-Yee Chin 

949 Dedham Street 
Newton, MA 02159 

Melissa L. Chinchillo 

101 Shawsheen Street 
Tewksbury, MA 01876 

Meghan L. Chrisney 

3140 17th Street Northwest 
Washington, D.C. 20010 

Eun-Ha Chung 

2369 Mabolo Street 

Dasmarinas Village 

Makati Metro-Manila 


Lynne R. Civitello 

305 Brookline Avenue, #254 
Boston, MA 02215 

Frances H. Clark 

978 Madison Avenue 
Plainfield, NJ 07060 

Rebecca Marie Clark 

Road #4, Box 93 
Coopersburg, PA 18036 

Jennifer J. Clary 

336 Manhattan Road 
Grand Rapids, MI 49506 

Coleen P. Clement 

155 Cedar Avenue 
East Greenwich, RI 02818 

Tracy L. Clement 

45 Olde Salt Road, #20 

Old Orchard Beach, ME 


Maguerite K. Clifford 

3 Norfolk Gardens 
Farmington, CT 06032 

Cara A. Cloutier 

92 Jenkins Road 
Bedford, NH 03110 

Josephine Colarusso 

36 Wolcott Street 
Everett, MA 02149 

Christina M. Collins 

P.O. Box 1056 

Marstons Mills, MA 02648 

Elizabeth Conner 

c/o Groton School 

Box 991 
Groton, MA 01450 

Lisa A. Connery 

84 Robin Ridge Drive 
Feeding Hills, MA 01030 

Sandra Marie Costantini 

30 Churchill Street 
Newton ville, MA 02160 

Alicia R. Cottle 

41 Eustis Parkway 
Waterville, ME 04901 

Jennifer Michelle Cressy 

777 Bayshore Drive #1401 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 

Jennifer Croopnick 

117 Baldpate Hill Road 
Newton, MA 02159 

Katherine A. Daley 

16 Pondview Road 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

Tina Davin 

526 Country Way 
Scituate, MA 02066 

Michelle Suzzane Davis 

347 Ridgewood Drive 
Mystic, CT 06355 

Beth A. DeMartino 

20 Rainbow Drive 
Riverside, CT 06878 

Adria Deasy 

30 George Road 
Rocky Hill, CT 06067 

Mary Louise Demick 

15 Dale Street 
Needham Heights, MA 02194 

Maral Patil Demirjian 

25 Trowbridge Street 
Arlington, MA 02174 

Kathleen Maura Desmond 

Wood wells Garrison Box 61 
Contoocook, NH 03229 

Jima Helen Deyab 

501 Main Street 
Medford, MA 02155 

Carla M. Diogo 

93 Kilmer Avenue 
Taunton, MA 02780 

Kristina Anne Dobkin 

1787 Old Ranch Road 

Los Angeles, CA 90049 

(213) 459-4559 

Briana Doherty 

Box 649 

Canton, MA 02021 

Tracy L. Dollinger 

21 Deepwood Drive 
Wolcott, CT 06716 

Amy Elizabeth Donaldson 

c/o Weber D. Donaldson 

919 Cherokee Street 
New Orleans, LA 70118 

Ellen Marie Donoghue 

27 Saxon Road 
Worcester, MA 01602 

Heather L. Donohue 

Arnold Lane 
Rowayton, CT 06853 

Amy Beth Donovan 

89 Stratford Road 
Melrose, MA 02176 

Caroline Anne Donovan 

35 Allen Avenue 
Lynn, MA 01902 

Stacey L. Donovan 

2413 Stewart Lane 
Salina, KS 67401 

Alison Stacey Dorman 

25 Thorndale Road 
Slingerlands, NY 12159 

Linda R. Downing 

43 Sable Avenue 

North Dartmouth, MA 02747 
(508) 999-3332 

Rachel Beth Drucker 

335 Greenleaf Avenue 
Evanston, IL 60202 

Jennifer Eilian 

945 Stonegate Drive 
Highland Park, IL 60035 

Robin L. Eisenberg 

15 Roberts Road 
Boxford, MA 01921 

Adrians C. Elmes 
975 Forest Avenue 
Glencoe, IL 60022 

Kirsten A. Esposito 

264 Main Street 
Oxford, MA 01540 

Jennifer Kim Feldman 

110 Piermont Avenue 
Hewlett Bay Park, NY 11557 

Maryann B. Fennessy 

4 Fair Lane, Hamden Village 

Westfield, MA 01085 

Rebecca L. Feuer 

15 Forest Hills Drive 
West Hartford, CT 06117 

Heather L. Fichandler 

64 Avondale Road 
West Hartford, CT 06117 

Marianne Fini 

35 Elm Street, Box 421 
Lunenberg, MA 01462 

Beth Anne Fioretti 

291 Brookline Ave, Box 389 

Boston, MA 02115 

(508) 653-1840 

Amy Marie Forest 

267 Hanover Street, #2 
Boston, MA 02113 

Christine E. Fowler 

54 Barnard Avenue 
Watertown, MA 02172 

Judith Barbara Fox 

3 Jane Road 
Marblehead, MA 01945 

Michelle Fredenburg 

3305 Winnett Road 
Chevy Chase, MD 20815 

Allyse M. Frieswyk 

4 Hawthorne Drive 
Southampton, MA 01073 

Angela R. Froio 

181 Holmes Street 
Halifax, MA 02338 

Jennifer L. Frost 

77 Rowan Road 
Chatham, NJ 07928 

Gwen Melisa Fulco 

208 Low Road 
Sharon, CT 06069 

Dawn Gagne 

56 Albany Street 
Fall River, MA 02720 

Allyson W. Gandy 

1155 Vallamont Drive, N.W. 
Williamsport, PA 17701 

Beth F. Gardzina 

54 Elmwood Street 
South Grafton, MA 01560 

Melissa D. Garlisi 

22 Grace Road 
Braintree, MA 02184 

Ann Marie Gerzofsky 
R.D. #1, Box 766 
Ludlow, VT 05149 

Beth D. Gewant 

4 Victoria Lane 
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 

Pamela K. Gitten 

33 Millay Road 
Morganville, NJ 07751 

Doreen N. Goldberg 

11976 Fairhaven Drive 
Baton Rouge, LA 70815 

Darci L. Gomes 

P.O. Box 92 
New Haven, N.Y. 13121 

Maria Isabel Gomez 

45-50 48th Street, Apt. 48 
Woodside, NY 11377 

Elaine Gordon 

26 Linwood Street 
Maiden, MA 02148 

Karen Beth Gordon 

40 Meadow Brook Road 
Randolph, NJ 07869 

Lauren S. Gordon 

116 Walnut Grove Road 
Ridgefield, CT 06877 

Janice Lynn Goslant 

P.O. Box 43 

East Montpelier, VT 05651 

Jennifer Shay Graydon 

41 Mountain Road 
Farmington, CT 06032 

Amy J. Greenblatt 

16 Gate Way 
Hamden, CT 06518 

Leslee D. Griffith 

182 Timber Mill Street 
The Woodlands, TX 77380 

Eleanor Rand Gurley 

169 North Street 
Foxboro, MA 02035 

Anne Pauline Guterman 

106 Randlett Park 
West Newton, MA 02165 

Lilia M. Halpern 

11604 Clock Tower Lane 
Laurel, MD 20708 

Jill F. Harmacinski 

31 Tyler Street 
Salem, NH 03079 

Helen E. Hayes 

16086 Pebble Beach Drive 
Victorville, CA 92392 

Tammy M. Heim 

16 Little Pine Lane 
Exeter, NH 03833 

Tricia Marie Henrich 

502 Salisbury Street 
Holden, MA 01520 

Laura H. Hercod 

9759 Pinewood Avenue 
Englewood, CO 80111 

Laura E. Herman 

4 Gray Avenue 
Nantucket, MA 02554 

Yoshie Hirano 

5-24-7 Higashikoiwa, 


Tokyo 133 Japan 

Susan F. Hoffman 

9370 S.W. 88th Terrace 
Miami, FL 33176 

Shannon Marie Holmes 

15 Runway Lane 

P.O. Box 1547 

N. Eastham, MA 02651 

Heather Leigh Hough 

165 Golfview Drive 
Manchester, NH 03102 

Whitney Lee House 

12 Thornton Lane 
Chelmsford, MA 01824 

Nicole D. Hsu 

7 Lane 101, Ching Shan Road 

Shihlin District 


Kristyn Huey 

412 S. Tulpehocken Rd. 
Reading, PA 19601 

Julia Huron 

37 Beacon Hill Avenue 
Lynn, MA 01902 

Anna M. Iantosca 

39 Buchanan Street 
Winthrop, MA 02152 

Carolyn C. mil 

36 Clarkwood Street 
Mattapan, MA 02126 

liana Louise Isakov 

2812 Brainard Road 
Pepper Pike, OH 44124 

Yumiko Isawa 

5597 Inabe Nishimachi Ina 


Nagano 396 Japan 

Kenya Jacobs 

61 Hillside Street, Apt. 2 
Boston, MA 02120 

Stefanie Hannah Jacobs 

250 South Birch Street 
Denver, CO 80222 

Sandra Jesse 

44 Smith's Lane 

P.O. Box 192 

Kingston, MA 02364 

Helen M. Jurkewicz 

5 Victor Street 
Haverhill, MA 01830 

Nancy Lee Keim 

4654 Lower Mountain Road 

Road #2, Box 179 

New Hope, PA 18938 


Christine Elizabeth Kelly 

69 Cedar Street 
Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Heather Jean Kenary 

50 Pheasant Run 
Bedford, NH 03110 

Asako Kenjo 

7-2-7, Zushi 


Kanagawa, 249 

Debra L. Kessler 

19 Tanglewood Drive 
Livingston, NJ 07039 

Jill Diane Kipnes 

7920 Coronado Road 
Scottsdale, AZ 85257 

Fern Klapper 

1 5 Oak Spring Road 
West Nyack, NY 10994 

Johanna Beth Knowles 

Box 980 
Meredith, NH 03253 

Barbara K. Kondilis 

29 Cornell Street 
Arlington, MA 02174 

Mica Elizabeth Kreutz 

2215 Willowbrook Drive 
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 

Jennifer E. Kruczek 

70 Shattuck Road 
Sturbridge, MA 01566 

Jodi A. LaRoche 

48 Meadowview Road 
Holyoke, MA 01040 

Bryna T. Lakin 

52 Broadway 
Stoneham, MA 02180 

Lucila E. Lancaster 

231 Park Drive, #15 
Boston, MA 02115 

Julie A. Lasdow 

110 Oak Street 

Halifax, MA 02338 

Kimberly G. La Torraca 

14 Hughey Road 
Scituate, MA 02066 

Michelle L. Laurenza 

210 R. Pemberton Street 
Cambridge, MA 02140 

Suzanne M. LeJeune 

127 Louise Circle 
Torrington, CT 06790 

Yvette Leeson 

1600 Commonwealth Avenue 
West Newton, MA 02165 

Lisa Lenfestey 

2 Pioneer Drive 
Ellington, CT 06029 

Christina E. Libertini 

64 Waltham Street 
Watertown, MA 02172 

Elisa M. Liker 

10560 Wyton Drive 
Los Angeles, CA 900243 

Jennifer Lippay 

24 Beauford Road 
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 

Jennifer S. Lipsky 

21 Monza Road 
Nashua, NH 03060 

Sarah V. Littlefield 

13 Church Street 
Yarmouth, ME 04096 

Elizabeth D. Lloyd 

3448 Brown Street NW 
Washington, D.C. 20010 

Melissa Danielle Long 

19 Hidden Valley Road 
Lafayette, CA 94549 

Christine Jane Lumpkins 

3515 Zenith Avenue South 
Minneapolis, MN 55416 

Melissa R. Mac 

61 Field Avenue 
Rutland, VT 05701 

Stacie A. MacDonald 

32 Keans Road 
Burlington, MA 01803 

Laura A. MacKnight 

34 Clark Road 
Rockland, MA 02370 

Brooke Bennett Mackay 

6 Depot Hill Road 
Cobalt, CT 06414 

Michelle Rose Macrina 

48 Ellis Avenue 
West Bridgewater, MA 02379 

Nicole C. Mance 

1614 Myrtle Street 
Washington, D.C. 20012 

Shrimattie D. Maniram 

52 Madison Street 
Hartford, CT 06106 

June A. Mariani 

1 1 1 Cannon Ridge Drive 
Watertown, CT 06795 

Deborah Jane Marino 

27 Buena Vista Avenue 
Queensbury, NY 12804 

Jennifer K. Marino 

1 Court Street 
Farmington, ME 04938 

Rachel L. Mark 

5 Argus Place 
Brighton, MA 02135 

Patricia C. Markland 

118 Hollingsworth Road 
Milton, MA 02186 

Jean E. Marois 

108 Peterborough Street, Apt. 


Boston, MA 02215 

Kimberly Marques 

85 Morris Street 
Maiden, MA 02148 

Elizabeth Bridget Marshall 

1026 Manchester Course 
Geneva, IL 60134 

Louise Marsiglia 

243 Metropolitan Avenue 
Roslindale, MA 02131 

Sheryl A. Mason 

20 Winterberry Drive 
Amherst, NH 03031 

Susan E. Matarazzo 

146 Cottage Park Road 
Winthrop, MA 02152 

Jacqueline Maynard 

138 River Street 
Norwell, MA 02061 

Cynthia Keenan McAdams 

130 Wyckoff Avenue 
Wyckoff, NJ 07481 

Karen Ann McCleary 

56 Longwood Drive 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 

Anne E. McLaughlin 

RR #1, Box 1506 
Warner, NH 03278 

Elka Tovah Menkes 

105 Jordan Road 
Brookline, MA 02146 

Cara Mia Meringolo 

85 Greenwood Parkway 
Holden, MA 01520 

Jennifer S. Merrill 

445 Sugar Road 
Bolton, MA 01740 

Julie A. Merrill 

445 Sugar Road 
Bolton, MA 01740 

Tracy J. Miklasiewicz 

27 Cherry Hill 
Holyoke, MA 01040 

Michelle Leigh Miller 

435 Skeel Avenue 
Sang Base, MI 48045 

Charlotte Anne Minasian 

69 Curtis Street 
Rockport, MA 01966 

Karen C. Mooradian 

190 Chapel Street 
Newton, MA 02158 

H. Esperanza Garzon Morer 

1862 Beacon Street 
Building #3 Apt. #9 
Brookline, MA 02146 

Theresa M. Morrissey 

479 Huron Avenue 
Cambridge, MA 02138 

Annette L. Moschella 

3600 Mystic Valley Parkway, 

Apt. W915 

Medford, MA 04530 

Jessica F. Moyer 

993 Washington 
Bath, ME 04530 

Elaine Marie Munson 

415 Elm Street 
South Dartmouth, MA 02748 

Kara L. Murphy 

1021 Rowland Drive 
Dighton, MA 02715 

Leila Abry Murphy 

805 Dutch" Neck Rd. 
Waldoboro, ME 04572 

Shannon L. Murphy 

33 Coventry Road 
Mendham, NJ 07945 

Kristin B. Myers 

7 Longley Court 
Pawtucket, RI 02860 

Judith Ann Negip 

12 Hill Road 
Thompson, CT 06277 

Lisa J. Nicoli 

166 Woodland Drive 
Hampden, MA 01036 

Stephanie R. O'Connor 

386 Weston Road 
Wellesley Hills, MA 02181 

Bernadette Kathryn O'Leary 
P.O. Box 45, North Road 
North Sutton, NH 03260 

Angela Joleen Oriano 

84 The Fenway, #51 
Boston, MA 02115 

Andrea Jeanne Parent 

Box 2890 Church Hill Road 
Leeds, ME 04263 

Sonal Jayant Patel 

23 Susan Terrace 
Waterford, CT 06385 

Kristin Jean Paulyson 

97 Princeton Avenue 
Wycoff, NJ 07481 

Evelyn Mooar Perry 

1 1 Atkins Street, #2 
Brighton, MA 02135 

Maxine Pestronk 

41 Bowdoin Street 
Cambridge, MA 02138 

Linda E. Pfatteicher 

127 Village Drive 
Stroudsburg, PA 18360 

Gina Marie Portella 

12 Riverwoods Court 
Rumford, RI 02916 

Kimberly Ann Prescott 

31 Hale Road 
Stow, MA 01775 

Marcia E. Prucha 

199 Still River Road 
Bolton, MA 01740 

Lauren Marie Purcell 

718 Lakeside Circle 
North Palm Beach, FL 33408 

Jennifer A. Quinlan 

7 South River Lane East 
Duxbury, MA 02332 

Jodi H. Raifstanger 

P.O. Box 894 

Great Barrington, MA 01230 

Kim Rasmussen 

1 28 Pleasant Street 
Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Marilyn Ann Ray 

60 Derby Street, #3 
Somerville, MA 02145 

Heather Lynn Reese 

544 9th Street 
Santa Monica, CA 90402 

Elizabeth D. Rentz 

897 Sandusky 
Perrysburg, OH 43551 

Mary-Eliza Pruyn Renz 

16 Harcourt Street, Apt. ID 
Boston, MA 02116 

Sonja A. Rich 

Park Avenue 
Woolrich, PA 17779 

Michele M. Ringland 

14 Palace Road, #17 
Boston, MA 02215 

Eleena B. Rioux 

9 Simon Drive 
Milford, MA 01757 

Karin B. Rosvall 

1180 East Amherst 
Englewood, CO 80110 

Barbara Ann Rucci 

125 Benedict Road 
Staten Island, NY 10304 

Tamara E. Russell 

1629 S.E. Elliott Avenue 
Gresham, OR 97080 

Jenelle T. Russo 

29 Howlett Street 
Topsfield, MA 01983 

Laura L. Schiffman 

1837 Merritt Road 
Abington, PA 19001 

Lauren Beth Schlapak 

33 Walnut Street 
Baldwinville, MA 01436 

Lisa Suzanne Schroeder 

16787 Avellar Drive 
Madera, CA 93638 

Dena E. Schulman 

107 Cheshire Drive 
Longmeadow, MA 01106 

Joan D. Schwerin 

18 Hillside Avenue 
Bedford, MA 01730 

Kimberly M. Scott 

2250 Boston Neck Road 

Box 545 
Saunderstown, RI 02874 

Kathleen A. Scruton 

Wyman Road 
Keene, NH 03431 

Nicole J. Sebes 

12 Thunderlake 
Wilton, CT 06897 

Lynne M. Seeley 

97 Forest Street 
Stoneham, MA 02180 

Dorian Sette 

660 Shepard Avenue 
Hamden, CT 06514 

Marianne Sharp 

9 Smart Road 
Acton, MA 01720 

Erin Patricia Shaughnessy 

1 Tanglewood Road 
Sterling, MA 01564 

Dianna L. Shaw 

5 Tanglewood Drive 
Greenville, RI 02828 

Katrina Jane Shaw 

Church Street 
Lee, MA 01238 

Jennifer M. Sheehan 

44 Millwood Circle 
Norwell, MA 02061 

Suzanne M. Sheridan 

13 Mountain Springs Road 
West Milford, NJ 07480 

Meredith Dara Shuman 

51 Commonwealth Avenue 
Newton, MA 02167 

Claudia Silvietti 

271 Dartmouth Street, Apt. 4J 
Boston, MA 02216 

Jessica Lynn Sisak 

2110 Big Road 
Gilbertsville, PA 19525 

Stacy Ann Sittard 

22 Keith Street 
Chicopee, MA 01020 

Nicole E. Snetsky 

160 Parish Road 
Needham, MA 02194 

Chris Snow 

18 Fenwick Street 
Somerville, MA 02145 

Hyunduk So 

1 16 Lovering Street 
Manchester, NH 03103 

Arliani Damajanti Soegiarso 

1731 Beacon Street, Apt. 114 
Brookline, MA 02146 

Mika Suzuki 

3-17-23 Nishiwaseda 

Tokyo, Japan 0169 

Nicole S. Solis 

168 Good Hill Road 
Weston, CT 06883 

Grace C. Solomon 

37 McAdams Road 
Framingham, MA 01701 

Evie Sotiriadis 

16 Sycamore Road 
Newton, MA 02159 

Nancy A. Spafford 

Route 4A 

P.O. Box 36 

Bomoseen, VT 05732 

Michelle Lee St. Pierre 

P.O. Box 363 

Bryantville, MA 02327 

Lisa Michele Starzyk 

391 Front Street 
Chicopee, MA 01013 

Elloise M. Steele 

8411 Tunney Avenue 
Northridge, CA 91324 

Linda M. Steubesand 

2 Cedar Heights Road 
Rhinebeck, NY 12572 

Lisa R. Stoler 

62 Pointview Drive 
Troy, NY 12180 

Carmen A. Strachan 

229 Braeside Drive 
Hamden, CT 06514 

Pitchayada Suvanadat 

2 Sukumvit 39 
Bangkok 10110, Thailand 

Anna Olivia Swan 

Box 104 SR 
Southfield, MA 02159 

Karen M. Szewczyk 

86 Boehmhurst Avenue 
Sayreville, NJ 08872 

Debra Ann Tanguay 

17 Lorraine Street 
Hudson, OH 03051 

Amy Elise Tedrow 

62 Piper Rd. 
Acton, MA 01720 

Lisa A. Teixeira 

80 Farmfield Street 
Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Maria A. Teixeira 

80 Farmfield Street 
Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Jessica C. Tobey 

4 Stonybrook Road 
Marblehead, MA 01945 

Nadia R. Totino 

14 Alewife Road 
Waterford, CT 06385 

Sherri-Lynn Towle 

32 Whitworth Drive 
South Portland, ME 04106 

Christa M. Trigilio 

365 Winthrop Street 
Winthrop, MA 02152 

Joanna Valhouli 

8 Birchwood Terrace 
Groveland, MA 01834 

Michelle J. Vallerand 

52 Constantine Drive 
Tyngsboro, MA 01879 

Kristine Maria Vial 

231 West Newton Street, Apt. 


Boston, MA 02116 

Julianna B. Villalobos 

340 North Spaulding Street 
Heathrow, FL 32746 

Amy S. Volk 

530 Beacon Hill Terrace 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

Dawn C. Von Ahn 

1728 Magnolia Avenue 
Lady Lake, FL 32159 

Rita M. Walker 

613 Washington Road 
Rye, NH 03870 

Judith Marie Walsh 

92 School St. 
Needham, MA 02192 

Holly J. Watts 

18 Lavender Lane 
West Yarmouth, MA 02673 

Kristen Lynette Williams 

103 Overlook Terrace 
Leona, NJ 07605 

Carol Kristann Wilmore 

125 Rockwood Street 
Brookline, MA 02146 

Jennifer R. Winch 

3 High Point Road 
Scarborough, ME 04074 

Amy B. Wolk 

5100 South Convent Lane, 


Philadelphia, PA 19114 

Amy L. Wolpert 

1 Waring Circle 
Worcester, MA 01609 

Lisa G. Woolfork 

1467 8th Street 
West Palm Beach, FL 33401 

Laurie Lee Yates 

130 Bowdoin Street, #508 
Boston, MA 02108 

Elizabeth M. Youmell 

556 Laurel Street 
Longmeadow, MA 01106 

Kathryn Youngren 

500 Angell St #119 
Providence, RI 02906 

Linda M. Zanghetti 

Box 213 
Fishers Island, N.Y. 06390 


Thank you for being the best of friends. 
You have taught me to live when I was afraid 
to. To be myself when I thought myself wasn't 
good enough. And to laugh, not to cry when 
there was nothing to laugh about. 

Love you, 

Darci Lynn 

Amy Castle, 

The women that can float while running 
or on the urg. 

To one of our few senior friends. 
Row Babe Row. 

Darci Lynn & Dianna 

Jen ~ My Little Sister, 

Thank you for transferring to Simmons 
- You really have made a difference here! I 
am so proud of you. 

Love you, 
Darci Lynn 

Dear Adria, Tracy, Fern and Lauren ~ 

We made it! Thanks for the best times, 
best talks, and for being the best friends. Keep 
in touch always! Good luck! 

Love ya! 


To all of my friends at 

Simmons College, 

Thank you for helping me 

find my voice. Now watch 

me use it! 

Stephanie Rose Mercedes 

Mel - You have made these years the most interesting 

and wonderful. 
Rita ~ Our friendship will span the ages and the 

continents between us. 
Mom & Dad - Thank you for your love and many 

You each hold a special place in my heart. 

I love you all! 


Mom & Dad ~ You have supported me and 
encouraged me to always "reach for the 
stars." Well, I made it ~ I am a nurse. A 
nurse that will continue to always "reach for 
the stars." 

I Love You! 

Amy Beth 

Winter Semi-Formal, 
'89 • Orientation '89, 
'90, & '91 • London-June 
'91 • Valentine's Day 
Ball, '91 +'92 •Senior 
Commencement • "It's 
not how you feel, it's 
how you look!" • 24 hr. 
phone calls • Men! • 
Good times with Lucy + 
Enna • "Sit on my face 
and tell me that you 
love me..." • STRESS • 
The P- word • Making 
pictures • Good times at 
Roxy, Daisy's, Crickets, 
and those to come • 
Love and Smooches to 
Our families: Mom & 
Dad Leeson, Thomas, 
Andrew & Michael, 
Mom & Dad Costantini, 
Monica, Richie, Danielle 
& Mike. Jima, Barbara, 
Lynne, Susan, Jim M. 
Lisa, Alex (T-man), J, 
Rob, Gabe, Kenny, 
Elizabeth R., Aileen, 
Karen, Shri, Brooke, 
Maryam, Debbie, 
Members of ASA and 
Commuter Organization 
Lowry, Bob, Angelynn, 
Nancy, Vaughn, Dean's 
Office, and each other. 
• We deserve it all! • 

Thanks Mom and Dad! Love, Linda 



106 Randlett Park, West Newton, MA 02165 


Thank you Mom, Dad, and David 
for your support. Love, Anne 

Julie and Allan Bailey 
Thomas and Barbara Connery 
Thomas and Teresa Deasy 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Desmond 
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Macrina 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parcel! 
Jane and Barry Schnhnan 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sebes 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Starzyk 
Robert P. Wolk 

Carol A. Almeida 

Mr. and Mrs. William Ross Beal, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burke 

Regiae Cassimally 

Mr. and Mrs. Michelangelo Gallo 

Terence and Joyce Isakov 

Gail B. and Alan R.Keim 

Marsha and Hugh Kramer 


Mr. and Mrs. James P. Lejeune 

Margery and Richard M. Merrill 

John and Cheryl Raifstanger 

Louis and Mina Schiffman 

Carolyn, Coleen, Heather, liana, 
Jodi, Lauren, Sheryl, & Stacy 

The memories that friends have made together 
zuitCgrozo stronger with every passing day. 

Mom, Dad, Ray, & Lea - 

Through thick and thin, laughter, and tears, good times and bad times, you have 

always been here for me. Standing in front of me, showing me the way. Behind, 

supporting me. And beside, going with me. For never giving up on me, even 

when I gave up on myself. For helping me realize that nothing's impossible if I 

want it with all my heart. And for teaching me the beauty of the world and that all 

of my dreams can come true. I love you! 

Thank you for your support & encouragement, your belief in me, your friendship, 

and, most importantly, your love. 

All my Love, Always. 






Skill — Care — Judgement 

90 Park Avenue 
Worcester, MA 01609 


To Brooke, 

You always continue 

to make me proud of the young 

woman you have^come! 

I love you, 


(508) 753-3200 

■ ■''■'■■ , : ■ : ' : : : ' : ; :v*\ ; : : :\v:\ ; :v:v:v:v:v;';';"X '■'■■ '■'■ '•'■ ■ '•''■■'•:■':•:•'• 


CLASS OF 1992 




BOSTON, MA 02215 

To our very special daughter Jennifer, 



Mom and Dad 





Dear Shannon, 

We love you and are so very proud of what you 

have accomplished... 

All our love, 
Mom & Dad 


Good luck in whatever the future may bring! 



"Little Bro" 

Mary Jane 

My Dearest Shannon, 

By the time you graduate I'll be with Jesus, 
watching you - filled with joy. You are my first 
grandchild and I'm so proud to have been your 
Nana. Always remember - God loves, and I love you 

Nana j0 




Congratulations to 

Debbie Kessler <§b the 

Class of 1992 


Dad, Mom, Michael, 

Marc, Wendee, <§b Peter 





To Tracy, 

Congratulations to the last of 
seven. You make us proud. We all 
wish you the best of everything. 


Mom, Dad, Karen, Darlene 

Wayne, Kevin, Lisa, & 


you've come a long way, 

Christine baby! 

With joy, pride, and 

loving wishes for 

your future — 

Mom and^Dad 



Amy and Shannon 

With much love 
The "Holy Cannolis" 



liana Louise 


All our love 

Mommy, Daddy, 

Raymond, Leanne 

& Ronnen 

'Dear Michele, 

^IflT' » f , :x " v :0B 

Through the, years, you 


have always made us happy 

qL* % 

and proud to Be your parents. 


<We unsh you continued 


success and happiness. 

I s ^ 

Love and congratulations, 

Dad, Mom, 'Michael, and 

r 4 




it* f 

Cue Love. \/ocl ♦ 
UJe're So proud 



Dear Jenelle 

We are very 
proud of you . 
May all your 
dreams come true 

All our love, 
Mom , Dad . and Dee 

(Dear %aren, 

Words cannot express the joy that you bring us each day. you 
have grown and matured into a beautiful, loving young woman, 
your caring and sensitivity of others has rewarded you with a family 
and friends that respect and love you dearly. May Qod bless you 
with good health and happiness, you maf^e all of us so proud! 


'Dad, Mom, and Lauren 

"PER ARDUA AD ASTRA" figuratively 


By shear endeavor one can 

overcome any handicap. 

This is exactly what you have achieved. 

With our love and help we know that you can 

reach the "stars." 

Always your 
Mom & Dad 


Nobody carried you this time. 

You made it on your own. 



Grandma, Grandpa, Mum, Uncle, 

Larena, Daniel, Matthew & J. P. 


re very pro 

om, Barry, ond Jen 

... you did it and 
we're proud of you! 

Mom and Dad 

Our Dearest Missa ~ 

Congratulations ~ We are so proud of you ~ 
Go into the future with all of your education, 
strength, freedom, and loveliness... 
Forever we will be the wind beneath your wings. 

We love and adore you ~ 

Mom, Dad, 

Heidi, Dana, Lisa, and Maxwell 



We're proud of you. 
Mom & Dad 



We are very proud of you! 

We love you... 
Mom, Dad, & Lori 

Congratulations, Jennifer Clary! 
Our love for you and our pride 
in you are boundless!! 

Your Family 

I'SSSSSSiSvS: 1 :::: 

'•: "'.''■■ ■ ■ ■■':'■ 


J jQfiwQb 


Maj happiness and success 

be with you always 


Mom, Dad, Susan, Roy, and Andrew 

mmm ^ amtmmm 





Congratulations Class of '92! 

The Cabot Family 

1 -"'f^KBB^HHi 

Dear Fern, 

Lauren Qordon: 

Our pride in your accomplish- 

I am such a Cucfqj Mom ■ I have you for my 

ments is exceeded only by our love 

daughter. May the years ahead Be fitted zvith 

for you. 

Cove, happiness, health, success, and friendship. 


Love Mzvays and 'Ever, 



Mom, Dad, and 


Congratulations and 

Good Luck 

to our daughter Mika 

and the 

Class of 1992 

Shohei and Yoshiko 



Congratulations on obtaining your 
degree. You have inspired me in many ways to 
do things I never thought were possible and I 
thank you. You are the best and closest friend I 
have ever had. Good luck on all your endeav- 
ors. I will love you always and forever! ! Jamie. 

Uslee Griffith 


Sixteen years ago, as you walked across the stage to 
receive your Kindergarten diploma, we talked about 
the day you would graduate from college. That day 
has come and there are no words to express how 
fortunate we are to have been blessed with a daughter 
like you. You are very special, Leslee. May the 
future bring you as much joy and happiness as you 
have brought us. May you always find satisfaction in 
who you are and what you do. May all your dreams 
come true. Congratulations with lots of love from, 
Mom, Dad and Drew. 

(Dear Linda, 

We're so very proud of you and of your 
many accomplishments. 

May you always generate your special 


Mom, 'Dad, 
Marc, and'Kpi 

(Dear Susan, 

Congratulations on a job well done. We are very 
proud of you. 


Mom, (Dad, & Jimmy 

.-.-.•.■. •.■.■.-.'.•.;.•.•.•.;.: 



Congratulations Kristin R. Capizzo 


Best of luck in law school! 
Mom, Dad, Todd, Sean, and Peter 



David "Todd" Capizzo 


NBA Executive Center • 145 Washington Street, Norwell MA 02061 
(617) 982-0788 • FAX (617) 878-9161 


M. Sharon Audette 

Office Administrator 

90 Park Avenue 
Worcester, MA 01609 

(508) 753-3200 


Darci Lynn Gomes 

Dearest Darci Lynn, 

In giving you the gift of life, I received 
my greatest treasure. I am and always 
will be your mother and best friend. 




O* o 

©,!;£> VOX 

T0 9\(icoCe and friends - Class of 92 

If you. can k$ep your head token ail about you 

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, 

Ij you can trust yourself token all men doubt you, 

'But maks allowance for their doubting too; 

If you can wait and not be tired of waiting, 

Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, 

Or being hated, don't give way to hating, 

And yet don't look, too good, nor talk, too wise: 

If you can dream ■ and not maks dreams your master; 

If you can think^and not maks thoughts your aim; 

If you. can meet toith 'Triumph and 'Disaster 

And treat those tzoo impostors just the same; 

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken 

Tzoisted by 'Knaves to maks & trap for foots, 

Or ivatch the things you gave your life to, broken, 

And stoop and budd 'em up toith worn-out tools: 

If you can maks one heap of all your winnings on one turn of pitch-and-toss, 

And lose, and start again at your beginnings 

And never breathe a word about your loss; 

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew 

To serve your turn long after they are gone, 

And so hold on when there is nothing in you 

'Except the 'Wdl which says to them: 'Mold on!' 

If you can talk, with crowds and k$ep your virtue, 

Or walk, with Odngs-nor lose the common touch, 

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, 

If all men count with you, but none too much; 

If you can fill the unforgiving minute 

"With svety seconds' worth of distance run, 

yours is the 'Earth and everything that's in it' 

And-which is more -you'll be a 'Woman, my dear! 

fyidyard QQpUng 

Congratulations I 9{icoltl 

%eep smiting and may your smile warm those that surround you. 
We are att very proud of you and wish you Qood Luck^in your ne?ct 'adventure!". 

Mom, (Dad, & Marc 

Stbts May 1992 



Mom and *D ad 
c Thomas ) Andrew 
and Michael 

Jo hm. (K^vbdu/y Utfortp 4y7??r<Z4! <&z& 
Owzjc ZtWLoL i&^f- ^£h*u&4j*c~*- 

7 7 flS 


: — jj *- 



bLeru*_- *p<a*e. /ua-uo 

U<rc*/L. XACM4A fJ^H\C^k 

Jul toJ^A^Xud^c 


1 tf££,jOUJj><ut7& &s- 

fy ft ^xSL,{aX*«' . 

^ 'Unx. arc tkd iart^layie 

Uc (pu/ UJovLcL 

■4^ %jnco 7C* cA^J iUt 


to the 

Class of 1992 

Best Wishes 
for a bright future 

daka, Inc. 

To Sheryl Mason ~ 

Our congratulations, love, and best wishes for continued success and 
happiness in all you do. 

Mom, Dad, Cathy, Rick, Joshua, Patrick, Lisa, and Susan 

My dearest Meg, 

On the day you were born, I was blessed. I continue to 
be blessed through the "seasons of your life." On this occa- 
sion of your graduation from college, I am so proud of you, 
your accomplishments, your compassion, and most of all, 
your love. The best gift I can give you are wings to fly — as 
high as you can. Know that you are loved, that Dad is smil- 
ing and proud as ever, and all our family love you dearly. 

"Under the boardwalk, down by the sea—" 

Mom, Tony, and all your family 

Congratulations on a job well done, Linda, 

Good luck and God speed on the next two years and 
beyond. You make us very proud. 


Mom, Dad, & David 

To Debbie Kessler, 

"You've come a long way baby" - we're so proud of you and 
your accomplishments. 


Dad & Mom 



Big Wheel races, chocolate chocolate chip, 
"Let's go out for dinner" —memories we trea- 

We are so proud of you and all your ac- 
complishments. Our love and support are with 
you as you make your way into a bright and 
promising future. 

Mom and Dad 

Best wishes and good luck, Jess! ! 


Matt and Sarah 

(Dearest 'Beth, 

Congratulations on your graduation, you have grown to be a beautiful and wonderful young 
woman of whom we are very -proud. 9day your life be filled with as much love and happiness as you 
bring to all who know you. WE LOVE yOU VEt^y 'MUCtt. 


Amy Jill Greenblatt. 
We are proud of you and 

We love you to infinity... 
Mom & Dad 

Robert W. Guterman, CLU 

Insurance for all your needs 

106 Randlett Pk. 

W.Newton, MA 02165 


Susan Hoffman 

We aire very promid of you 

om and Dad 

Dear Heather, 

Congratulations on your graduation day from your family both near and far. Four years ago 
you set off to face a new challenge, three thousand miles from home; a stranger to Simmons. How- 
ever, over the last four years you have shaped your life, committing yourself to meaningful activities: 
Resident Advisor, The Sirens, and The Simmons News. Your voice has been heard each year in a 
different way. We are always with you as you continue this life long journey, facing life's challenges, 
we hear your voice. Every step we make is a graduation. 

With Love and Pride, 

Mom, Jim, Jen and Rich, The Dunne's, 

the O'Dunne's and all of the Ourieff's 



May 26th to 28th 

Spring Spree April 24-26 

Fiesta Friday 

4pm-6pm Calypso Hurricaine 

7pm Red Sox Game vs the Texas Rangers 

Sizzlin' Saturday 

Guadalayara Mariochi Band 
Denny Dunt 

The Rhythm Earth Ensemble 
Sirens and Bates College Deansmen 
Movie: Cape Fear 

Siesta Sunday 







MAY 1 st 




F ., 

Commencement Ball 




„■ i'H.i:..- 1 '-- 

» : !§ J? , M 



5 ^ '**;^P*' .• ' 






, -jm i t" ' 

v "'"-■ 

" -5 , 


Nursing Pinning Ceremony 

Saturday, May 16th 

We, the nursing class of 1992, would like to express 
our gratitude to family, friends, and faculty for all 
their unrelenting support and guidance throughout 
these challenging and enriching years. 


§ H 




£ Iffl 

H " 


^nMWmimi -v.** 



CLASS of 1992 

Additions to the 1992 members of Academy 

(Members inducted in the fall of 1991 are photo- 
graphed on page 135 in MICROCOSM.) 

(L-R) Michelle Audette, Mary Louise Demick, 
Meg Clifford, Debra Tanguay, Karin Rosvall, 
Kristin Myers, Karen Szewczyk, Lisa Schroeder. 
Members not pictured: Eleanor Finn Brennan, 
Ann Marie Gerzofsky, Yoshie Hirano, Kathryn 
Herter, Kathryn W. Wilson. 

Additional Ad: 

To Sarah Cassimally 
Congratulations and Best Wishes For A Successful Future 

From All of Us 

Congratulations once again to all seniors! We hope you have enjoyed the 1992 MICROCOSM and we thank you for all your 
support and enthusiasm throughout the year. 

I am also very grateful to all the members of MICROCOSM for your countless hours of dedication and devotion to tlie book. I 
really appreciate your continued effort and loyalty througliout the year. No matter liow much you were involved with scliool and other 
activities you always pulled through! Thanks Anh Daofor all your time and help during school, your wonderful photos for both the yearbook 
and the supplement, and your greatly appreciated assistance in distributing the yearbooks! Gook luck and thanks also to Pam Yee, tlie 1993 
editor-in-chief, for producing the 1992 Supplement. 

Special thanks sliould also go to Mr. Abe Or lick, president ofDaVor Photography, and to all of his assistants who photographed 
the senior portraits, student candids, and many of tlie events lield througliout the year. 

Finally, I would like to thank Al in the Copy Center, Jocelyn and Carla in Student Activities, the Registrar's Office, Archives, the 
Mailroom Staff, and of course Tom Keeley (Josten's Publishing representative) for his patience, support, and encouragement throughout tlie 
year. We did it, Tom! NOW we can all relax! 

Good luck to everyone! Love, Joanne